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Bantu Coins have come up with an innovative way to earn passive income. Who would have thought that investing as little as R1000 once off in gold coins can generate you a monthly income of R350 per month, that’s a return of 35% per month.

If you are a skeptic like me you’ll probably think that this is a lot of hogwash. Perhaps, going into details about the websites background and how the 35% monthly return is produced will help us decide if this company is for real or not.

What is Bantu Coins?

James Hunt - Bantu Coins Founder

James Hunt

Bantu Coins is a gold coin and bullion selling website. It claims to sell 100% authentic gold from mines across Africa at discounted prices.

According to the website, the company was founded on 19 January 2015 by James Hunt, a former mining magnate.

However, the domain whois information indicates that the domain name was registered on 10 August 2015. If the company has been conducting business been since January 2015, then it must have been using a different website, or it was conduction its business offline.

How Does Bantu Coins Make Money?

Initially, the website claims that it is buying and selling gold coins to its many clients. It claims to offer up to 30% discount when selling gold coins to its client.

But how does the company make money for its investors? Well, it’s simple. The company buys Kruger Rands and other gold products directly from manufacturers at a very cheap price. The company than sells these items at a huge profit of 50%.

Bantu Coins Catalogue

What it then does, is share the profits with you the investor. As an investor, you keep 35% of the profit, the company keeps the remaining 15% as profit and for administration purposes.

As an investor, your 35% profit will be paid to your bank account monthly.

Is Bantu Coins For Real?

I personally know of only 2 ways to make money from gold: first, invest for long term with hope that after a few months or years the value of gold will appreciate, enabling you to sell it are a higher price and make profit if you so choose. Secondly, buy gold products and sell them at a small margin profit.

In its FAQ, the website states that Bantu Coins is able to pay investors high monthly profits because of its Buying Power. It claims its huge buying power enables it to receive big discount when buying gold coins. As a result they’re able to make as much as 50% profit when selling bullion coins.

I have never been involved in the business of investing or trading in gold coins, but I know when I am reading a lot of hogwash. Hence I can say without a doubt that the business model of Bantu Coins does not make sense at all.

It is just a bedtime story for Bantu Coins to claim that they can make 50% profit from simply buying gold coins from manufacturers and selling them.

Bantu Coins is a Scam Business

Failure to come up with a credible or believable business model to explain how they generate profit is enough to conclude that this business is not legitimate.

Based on just this one factor, I can easily state that Bantu Coins is just another scam that should be avoided.

This scam uses the same modus operandi as Ponzi schemes such as pipcoin, e-coin and bibcoin, except that it selling gold coins investment instead of selling cryptocurrency.

If you have an appetite for risk, there are legitimate alternatives out there. My current favourite is eToro Copy Trading System.

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