BC-Prime Scam Review

October 28, 2016

BC-Prime.com is an HYIP website that is copycatting a cryptocurrency cloud mining company.

The website states it is mining and trading in crypto currency, and that it is a savings company as well. It claims its cryptocurrencies are mined with 6 data centres situated across the world. Because the company does not have enough financial resources to purchase and operate its mining data centres, it has decided to offer general members of the public an opportunity to participate in their business.

This means people have an opportunity to participate in cloud mining through BC-Prime by investing a certain amount of money.

The biggest problem with this company is that there’s no proof whatsoever to show that bitcoin mining is actually taking place. All the red flags in the review indicate that BC-Prime is a big cloud mining scam.

The interesting thing about this website is that it is not registered with HYIP monitor websites. It actually uses Google’s Adsense to promote and market itself to members of the public. As a result, it may come across as a legitimate business to some people.

BC-Prime Investment Plans.

To start mining, you must register with BC-Prime and purchase a mining chip for a predetermined price.

The chip will mine bitcoins and other crypto currencies for a period of 5 month before expiring. An investor who wants to continue mining after expiry of the first chip will have to buy another chip.

The minimum investment amount is $25, and the maximum is $93 000. The daily interest paid to each customer depends on the investment amount and the investment plan selected, it varies from 2.5% per day to 3.7% per day as indicated in investment plan below.

bc prime investment plans

Is BC Prime a Scam or a Legit Cryptocurrency Mining Company?

In most cases it is rather easy to determine if a cloud mining website is a scam or not. A simple Google search of BC-Prime revealed a number of serious red flags.

Red Flag 1: Owners of BC Prime hiding their identity

When a website administrator goes all out to hide his or her identities, then you should know there is something fishy. The website administrator has purchased a service to hide details of who owns the domain name.

Information of who runs or own the cloud mining company is not available. Meaning we have no idea who operates the website. We don’t even know who the employees or support staff of the website are.

The use of anonymous payment systems (Payeer, Perfect Money and Bitcoin) for processing funds indicates someone who is trying very hard to hide their identity. Scams are mostly operated by people who always remain anonymous. This is the first sign of a scam.

Red Flag No. 2: Does not have data farms

BC-Prime claims it has 6 data centres across the world. However, there’s no evidence to support this claim whatsoever. Genuine cloud mining companies have some evidence such as blockchain pool names and addresses or data centre pictures and videos to substantiate their claims

The closest BC Prime came to producing evidence supporting existence of data centres, is a picture of server room purported to be from their 6th data centre established in March 2016.

As it turns out, the picture is just a stock photo found across many websites on the internet. This not only dispel the claim that they have data centres, it also proves that they are prepared to lie about anything to get their hands on your hard earned cash.

BC Prime Scam Data Centre

If the company had real data centres, it would not need to buy a stock photo or grab one from an internet site.

Red Flag No. 3: Negative Reviews

The internet does not have many reviews about BC-Prime. Though I saw one or two positive reviews about BCM, they were published in unreliable websites knows for promoting scam investments and businesses.

Bestemoneys website has a status showing that BC Prime is not paying.

Then other user review websites have comments accusing BC Prime of being a fraudulent scheme.

Negative BC Prime Reviews
BB Prime Negative Review.

Final Verdict




What makes BC Prime dangerous is the fact that it does not use HYIP monitors to advertise or promote its fraudulent activities. Somehow, it managed to seep through Google Adsense filtering system.

I think many people know that any company listed on HYIP monitors is a scam. But when an advert of a product appears on AdSense, it may come across as legitimate to some people.

Unfortunately, ignorant, desperate or greedy online investors will be caught out by this one. Let it not be you as it is clear that BC-Prime.com is a scam website, and not a cryptocurrency cloud mining site as it claims.

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