BitRobot.Me Scam Review

November 7, 2016

What is is an HYIP website claiming to be a cryptocurrency trading company based in the UK. It is trading under the official name Bitcoin Trader LTD. This Bitrobot scam review will explain in detail why is a scam.

The company claims its programmers have developed a bitcoin trading bot which never loses a trade.

Though the current website is 39 days old at date of publishing this review, the company has been in operation since 06 June 2015. To attract more investors, it has developed the current website as its public investment platform.

The daily interest paid for an investment deposit range from 1.2% to 5%, depending on the investment amount and period selected. The minimum investment allowed is $10.

In spite of claims to the contrary, the company's storyline around bitrobot is nothing but hogwash.

Dispite its many claims, Bitrobot is an HYIP scam which will ultimately defraud investors.

If you are new to the world HYIP scams, then read on as I explain why bitrobot is not legit.

The Bitcoin Trading Rate of Return Sounds Too Good to be True

Out of the 5 plans promoted by Bitrobot, one plan promises investors a return of 350% in 70 days.


Calculated monthly, it is equal to 150% profit per month. This is what investors refer to as sounding too good to be true.

No matter how good their trading bot is, there is no way it could consistently achieve such a high return.

Whenever a company promises ridiculously high returns, you must know it is a scam unless proved otherwise.

The Bitrobot Trading Bot is listed in HYIP Monitors

The so-called Bitcoin Trader LTD is listed in many HYIP monitors. Allhyipmonitors has more than 28 monitors listing Bitrobot trader.


Legitimate currency trading companies do not list in HYIP monitors, they list in forex trading review websites.

All websites listed on HYIP monitors are scams trying hard to lure and defraud ill-informed investors.

Funny enough, at least 4 HYIP monitors have reported payment issues with the Bitrobot ponzi.

Registered with Companies House as Bitcoin Trader LTD


Bitcoin Trader LTD owners are boasting about registration as a company with the UK’s Companies House. Well, the Companies House registration certificate is not worth the paper written on.

I must be honest here, I don’t know how the company registration process works. However, I know it is easy for foreign scam artists to register companies with false information.

For example, recently shut down scams such Hashocean, Coince and Forex Paradise, were all registered with the Companies House.

A bitcoin currency trading company such should be showing us registration with credible financial institutions such as Financial Services Register in the UK, or Security Exchange Commission in the US, or Financial Services Board in South Africa.

If an investment company boasts about registration with UK Companies House, then you should know there’s a 99% chance it is a scam.

No Proof Its Forex Trading Company specialising in Cryptocurrencies or bitcoin trading

Is bitrobot a legitimate company trading in cryptocurrencies? Unless it can produce some evidence supporting the claim, we have to conclude that is not legit. Let's see if we can find supporting evidence.

Besides owning the bitcoin trading bot, the company claims to have hired a team of forex currency traders who now specialise in trading cryptocurrencies. If true, then it should not be too hard for the company to show us photos of its team of traders and its offices

It would also help to show bitrobot trading data or convincing screenshots of the company’s trades. But I guess that won’t happen because bitrobot is a scam.

Bitrobot Administrators Hiding Identities

Finally, bitrobot trading does not provide any information about the owners or employees of the company.

The domain name indicates the owners purchased a service to hide their identity.

Moreover, uses anonymous payment systems such as AdvanceCash, Bitcoin, Perfect Money and Payeer to ensure owners information remains secret.


In essence, hidden and unknown faces conduct the business of the Bitrobot HYIP scam.

It surely does not make sense to hand over your money to a bunch of people who are hiding their identity.

Final Verdict




The few red flags I have touched on clearly prove that is a scam. It should be avoided like many other HYIP scams such as Coinomia or BC-Prime.

No matter how good its bitcoin trading strategiesmaybe, the promised returns impossible to achieve in forex trading in the long run.

If you want a fair chance of profiting from forex trading without any forex trading knowledge, read my blog post about how to select the traders on eToro Social Trading.

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