Bitrush Scam Review

1. What is Bitrush? is one of many bitcoin ‘trading’ companies which are flooding the internet in the name of creating huge profits for investors.

Bitrush requires its investors to deposit a minimum of 0.01 btc for a profit of up to 5% per day.

2. How Does Bitrush Work?

Bitrush claims to be an online bitcoin trading company. The company claims to have a young and vibrant team of bitcoin traders who are so good at what they do that the company guarantees profits to its investors.

The minimum deposit required to become a Bitrush investor is 0.01 btc, which entitles you, the investor, to a daily interest of 3%.

To earn the maximum interest of up to 5% per day, you the investor must deposit of a minimum of 10 btc.

A 5% daily interest amounts to a whopping return of 150% per month – guaranteed. Applying logic and common sense should tell you that this kind of return is almost impossible to achieve, let alone guarantee it monthly.

BitRush Investment Plans

This fact alone is enough to conclude that Bitrush is making promises it won’t be able to achieve and hence it is not a legit business. Nevertheless, the review will highlight more red flags that show that Bitrush is a scam.

3. No Proof of Trading bitcoins shown

The so called company has not shown any shred of evidence that it is a real bitcoin trading company. Surely, it cannot be that hard to show screenshots of their trades or their trading portfolio to investors.

Afterll, this is the year 2017 with a world full of scammers and tricksters, we therefore cannot just take their word for it, that they are genuine bitcoin traders - we need proof.

The fact that BitrRush is registered with the Companies House does not make it legit at all. Many previous scams were registered with the Companies House. In fact, a company boasting that it is registered with the Companies House is likely to be a scam.

Moreover, the domain name was registered long ago in 2013, yet the website traffic information shows that it has been operational since January 2017. It is possible that in the past the same domain name has been used to scam innocent investors.

BitRush Traffic Flow

If you want to trade in bitcoins or currencies, there is genuine alternative out there such as eToro where experts trade on your behalf. Altenatively, you could register for a course bitcoin trading or investment course with any service provider such as Udemy.

4. Owner of BitRush hiding his true identity

Greg Denis claims to be the CEO of BitRush, it’s all good and well knowing we have the name of the company’s CEO.

However, the problem is that knowing the name of the CEO does not help us in any way because the name cannot be positively linked to any social platform profile.

A search for the name ‘Greg Denis’ on Google returns more than 30 people who use the same name. To know which of the 30 Greg Denise’s is the CEO of BitRush is impossible.

Taking into account that funds are deposited with into the company with bitcoins, an extremely difficult currency to trace the bitcoin wallet owner, the identity of BitRush owners is truly anonymous. No right thinking person would invest money into a company with owners who are hiding their identities, unless the person accepts that he is gambling with his funds.

​5. BitRush Featured on Website Monitors

Finally, the website is registered with HYIP monitors, meaning it is actually a High Yielding Investment program, which is another way calling a website a Ponzi scheme or a scam.

6. Conclusion




Stay away from Bitrush, Unless it is your intention to gamble with your funds hoping that you will be one of the few lucky investors who will get paid.

If you want to invest in bitcoins, then buy them from a reputable exchange such as Luno and hold them. If bitcoin experts are correct, you will see the value of your bitcoins appreciate like crazy over the next 2 to 10 years.

For an effective and simple strategy on buying and holding bitcoins, check out this cheap course by Ravinder Deol which I highly recommend.

If you want to invest in bitcoins, then buy them from a reputable exchange such as Luno and hold them. If bitcoin experts are correct, you will see the value of your bitcoins appreciate like crazy over the next five to 10 years.

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Thank you for this review, I was about try their service since lots of positive review. But your article makes sense I start to think I am being scammed out of my investment as there is no reply from anyone on the website if I ask what is going on with my Bitcoin deposit..

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