Network Review – Scam or an Entrepreneurs Network?

If you are looking for an investment opportunity that will catapult your small savings into a sizable stash of money, then is definitely something you should avoid.

But what is

Well, is a website that claims to be a business-minded community which makes available opportunities to invest in high return businesses in forex trading, hedge funds investments and cryptocurrency mining

Well, I have heard stories with similar investment opportunities in the past. Unfortunately, almost 100% of the so called opportunities turned out to be Ponzi schemes and scams.

For now, I am not sure if is a scam or not, but it certainly has not provided any evidence to prove that it is a legitimate investment opportunity.

How Does Biznet Work

To get started, you have to be referred to the website by a registered member, otherwise you won’t be able to register.

BizNet Invitation By Email Only

Once you have created your account and logged in, you will have a choice to invest in two types of investment – forex or cryptocurrency, or both.

For forex trading investment, returns range from 10% to 30% per month. You also have a choice to purchase the website’s tools and products which will apparently help you profit while trading by yourself. The minimum deposit required to get started is $25 but you can invest up to $ 10 000.

Forex Trading Plans

As stated earlier, you have an option to invest in cryptocurrencies as well as shown below. The cryptocurrency mining plan requires a minimum $5000 investment but pays a paltry 10% return. However, the plan is not available yet.

BizNet Cryptocurrency Plans

Disappointingly, other than the mining plan, Bitznet does not explain how 3 other cryptocurrency investment plans generate revenue.

Who Owns The Biznet Network

It is not clear who owns Biznet. Biznet claims to be a network of private investors and entrepreneurs specialisng in cryptocurrency and forex trading investments.

Team of BizNet Network

However, the network does have a team of people who are responsible for managing the network as shown belows

The problem is that non of the team members names or images can be linked to any profiles on social media. Be it Facebook, twitter or linkedin.

This fact alone make me doubt the authenticity of the network. We live in the age of information. Therefore any authentic businessmen with a track record are bound to leave a trail of his success in the internet.

But you can draw your own conclusions as to what this information vacuum about this team means to you.

Is Biznet a Scam?

I cannot tell for sure, especially since I have not tried it out. I only went as far as creating an account and scrutinizing their website. I was not willing to contribute any of my funds to their scheme.

However, there’s a number of red flags which makes me believe Biznet borders on being a scam.

First,I don’t believe the names and images of the network management team are real. I believe the real owners of the website are hiding their identities.

My belief is supported by the anonymous payment systems biznet uses. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Perfect Money are all anonymous systems to receive payments from a large number of people.

BizNet Anonymous Payment System

Secondly, the huge profits of up to 30% per month promised to investors are too good to be true because they are not sustainable. Sure, some investors maybe lucky enough to enjoy the amazing profits.

But it is likely that at least 80% of investors will lose if or when the scheme comes tumbling down in a few weeks or months’ time.

I can’t state with 100% certainty that Biznet is a scam because I have not tried to purchase any of the services or products they sell.

Having said that, I don’t think risking your hard cash with a potential scam network is worth it. has too many red flags associated with pure scams.

However, if you like taking risk with your hard earned cash, there is better opportunities out there.

The rise of bitcoin and other alternative coins such as ethereum, light coin, monero etc... have created a once in a life time opportunity for the average person to generate wealth for themselves.

Rather than investing in get rich quick schemes such as bitcoin mining or forex trading, save your cash for buying cryptocurrencies at trusted exchanges such as Luno, Bittrex or Poloniex.

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