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How To Invest in HYIP’s

November 12, 2016

Despite many warnings that get-rich-quick schemes are dangerous, some investors continue to invest in HYIP’s and other schemes. It is against this backdrop that I have decided to write this guideline on how to invest in HYIP’s and not lose money.​

The Real Reason KIPI Mydeposit241 Collapsed

KIPI MYDEPOSIT241 was the largest and longest running online pyramid scheme in South Africa. It was very successful in using smart marketing tactics to sell dreams to unsuspecting victims.As in all pyramid schemes, participants who joined earlier in 2013 and early 2014 were rewarded handsomely. Those who joined late (second half 2014 and 2015) and […]

Copy Cat Trading for New Traders

​Copy cat trading as the name suggests mainly refers to the act of copying the trade entries of the people who are known to have more experience, knowledge and hold on the market. Often novice traders who don’t have any or minimal knowledge about the Forex trading or the people who are not so confident […]

Avoid Get Rich Quick Schemes

Get rich quick schemes are rapidly gaining prominence globally. High yielding investment programs, Ponzi schemes and pyramid schemes are the most common forms of them, opted by many people due to the high yield and returns as their investors profess. What are the dangers and concerns of these schemes? This article discusses the pit falls of get-rich-quick schemes and an alternative way to earn income online.

Failure and How to Overcome it

February 12, 2016
Failure Face

One of the biggest struggle of people in general is our need to have success. One way or another, not achieving that success equals with failure.

And although success and failure are relative terms, we tend to be our most dreadful judgers and live with the constant stress of “what if I fail?”. And by doing this is like inviting failure in our lives because we give it such great importance and focus.

It’s true what they say, that you attract the things you focus upon, and the law of attraction will eventually give you that which you concentrate on.

As with anything else, fearing about failing at something or in life in general is an auto-sabotage we do to ourselves and in this way we prevent our lives to unfold in the most extraordinary ways possible and living that success we wish we had.

But let’s start from the very beginning. What is failure and what makes us so stressed up about it?