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Recently, there has been so much buzz, both negative and positive about Empower Network, which is an online platform of making money that is becoming popular daily in the world of Network Marketing.. Many have expressed their fears on the genuine status of the online Network marketing program while many say that it has been beneficial to them financially, as they earn a reasonable income from it. But I want to give a very good review of what I discovered about this online making platform and all you need to do is read carefully and understand my points. Firstly, I want to do a breakdown of what Empower Network is and then give a final conclusion with regards to my experience.

Empower Network is one of the numerous online network marketing programs that makes it possible for their members to achieve financial success without problems, stress and pitfalls. This online money making platform, Empower Network is owned by David Wood or David Sharpe. Joining Empower Network is not for free. In Empower Network, you spend money to earn money. It’s not like a pay to click site, but rather it’s a referral site with no products to sell. For you to excel in Empower Network, it is wise to invest a good amount of money because there is no free membership or sign up. Everybody is eligible to register on Empower Network; you only need to be a computer literate and financially stable. It’s good for one to also possess some network marketing skills as it will be an added advantage to his success.

In Empower Network, there are two major membership plans for affiliates. The first plan is the basic membership plan. To join Empower Network as a basic member, you’ve to pay a monthly fee of $25, after which you will be entitled to ONLY a blogging site. At this stage, you can’t sell Empower Network products thereby signifying that you can’t earn any commission.

For you to earn commissions and make money on Empower Network, you’ve to pay another monthly fee of $19.55. When you pay this fee, then you will be permitted to earn commissions from sales generated through you.

Another membership plan of Empower Network is termed the Inner Circle Membership and a $100 monthly fee will be included if you wish to associate with this plan. There is also an important need for one to sign up for an auto-responder service so as to enable the management of electronic mails and efficient communication with possible interested people.

With regards to membership plans, there are various levels of membership that one can select from and each of them has its products. The membership levels include:

$25 Monthly – Blogging Platform: This membership level ONLY offers you a blogging system from Empower Network, Kalatu, which gives you an avenue for fast training and also has in it the guidelines and principles for successful establishment of your online business. In this membership level, you will also be opportune to access the Empower hour (on Monday night), back office tools, capture page systems, and audios library which contains essential information on the Members, Founders and Team Leaders of Empower Network. You can only earn commission from this level when another person registers under you. One amazing thing about Empower Network is that there is no skipping of levels, meaning that for you to have access to other higher levels; you must purchase this level first.

Costa Rica Mastermind Intensive - $500

Note that in this level, payment is not made on installment, but rather it is fully paid at once. Securing or attaining this level provides you with the opportunity to watch videos of David Wood’s 3 day retreat held near his home inCosta Rica. The videos equip you with adequate knowledge of how to excel in your Network marketing business and also offer a solution to poor online leads.

15K Formula - $995

Just like the Costa Rica Mastermind Intensive, this level can be attained with an instant full payment of $995. In this package, you will be equipped with knowledge of how to successfully market online and also the methods in securing effective and targeted leads.

Masters Retreat - $3,500.
This level also requires a full payment of its fees and well enriched trainings and tips from close to 40 people. The level also comes with a work book that helps members in learning.

A Quick Look at The Pros and Cons of Empower Network.

Just like any other online network marketing scheme, Empower network has its own pros and cons.


Blog Ownership.

Great and Quality HD pictures.


You pay $20 so as to be paid: Yes, actually that is the truth as you will have to pay $20 monthly for the card so as to enable you withdraws without hitches. Seriously, this is weird.

So Specific Description: Another issue with Empower Network is that they keep their prospects in the dark about the products they are to sell in other to make money. Also, new affiliates are not equipped with the knowledge of how to earn a reasonable income.

Capital Intensive: To succeed on Empower Network, you must be willing to spend. The basic membership of $25 can only offer you a blog. In order to achieve success, you must spend, spend and spend so as to attain higher levels and earn commissions. Empower network offers only one blog after registering with an expensive fee (Basic membership). .

No Template Editing: The template offered by Empower Network can’t be edited or changed to another design.

No Free Membership: Everybody in this planet wishes to have things done for free, but it’s quite sad that Empower Network doesn’t support a free membership.

The truth is Empower Network is not scam. They are not scam because they don’t fail to pay affiliate’s commissions. Making money through this network marketing platform is not hard. All you need to do is to be creative, patient, innovative and influential whenever you’re trying to win the leads of a particular person. It simply involves selling Empower Network and getting people to register under you.

To succeed on Empower network, you must be competent and have a strong financial background so as to enable you cope with the fees of different levels. Also, you must develop and polish your online marketing skills because the program is saturated with experienced and well trained individuals which makes the network marketing hard, challenging and extreme competent for young and new entrepreneurs. It is not a get rich quick program and you must work hard online to ensure that you convert leads and earn commissions.

If you cannot afford the minimum $ 5 000 required for to have a fair chance of success in their business, then I recommend an online marketing program called Wealthy Affiliate; it will teach you the skills you need start a successful affiliate marketing business.

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