Forex Funds LTD Review

September 30, 2016
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Forex Funds Limited is an HYIP website which promises to make easy money for potential investors. The website promises to pay investors 2% interest  per day on their investment for 90 days; which will amount to 80% net profit when the investment reaches maturity.

The website domain name was registered on 01 September 2016, but HYIP monitors indicate the website has been running for 26 days at the time of publish the review.

If you are not new to the HYIP industry, you will know the so-called investment companies (websites) are operated by professional scam artists and hence you know the risks involved in investing in these kind of sites.

If you are new to the HYIP industry and excited by the prospects of making easy money, then read on as I highlight red flags which indicate that Forex Fundz Limited is a fake business and out to rip you off.

How Does Forex Funds Limited Work

Forex Funds Ltd claims to be a huge investment and asset management company. It claims to have a huge team of investment experts and professionals with $6 billion worth of assets or property held under its name.

As an investor you don’t have to understand or do anything. All that is required Is that you hand over your cash to the companies team of investment professionals  who will work their magic and grow your investment.

The website has 3 investment plans: Super Plan, Express Plan and Super Express. In my opinion, Super Plan is the most profitable of the 3 plans but requires a long term view and more patience from the investor's point of view. 

forex-funds investment pla

With the current Super Plan, 2% interest will be accumulated into your Forex Funds account daily. It will be up to you whether you withdraw your accumulated cash or keep it in the system. If you withdraw daily, you will break even 50 days after investing, from which point you will start withdrawing profits.

Forex Funds  LTD Red Flags

At face value, Forex Funds LTD business looks promising and authentic. However, a closer look reveals  a number of red flags, indicating that the business is not legitimate at all.

forex funds-ltd red-flags

Let us look at the business model and see if it makes sense at all. Forex Funds claims to be an investment house with  property or assets worth over $6 billion under its management.

The red flag is the company has not provided any reports or evidence to back up its claim that it Is a real investment or asset management company. You would expect companies like this to produce past performance results and charts. Because Forex Funds LTD is not able to back its claim with tangible evidence, it cannot be taken seriously.

The fact that the company claims to be officially registered with Companies House means nothing as any scam artist can forge documents to register with the Companies House. In fact, being registered with Companies House is now a red flag as investors have been scammed by a number of companies registered with the Companies House; Coince and HashOcean are a case in point.


Another warning sign that Forex Funds LTD might not be a legitimate business is their decision to hide identities of people who run the ‘investment company’ or website. The website has paid for a service to hide identities of the company or people who registered the domain name.

Moreover the website is using anonymous payment systems: Payeer, Perfect Money and Bitcoin to keep owner's details secret.

The company claims to have invested heavily in property. I can tell you that it is impossible to almost double property investment return in 3 months’ time. This is a giveaway, the company is making promises it cannot possibly honour.

Final Verdict




Forex Funds LTD investment plans look good. Unfortunately, if you think you can invest a substantial amount in these plans and generate high profit, then you are just plain delusional.

The website has too many red flags, which indicate that this is a bogus investment company.

Forex Funds Limited is a Ponzi scheme which will be scamming investors in a few weeks or months' time. Keep your money in your pockets and stay away from Forex Funds Limited Scam.

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