Frequently Asked Questions


What is MyDeposit?

MyDeposit ­ a community, aimed at helping you achieve your desires by a confidential exchange with other participants. The same name is used to define the domestic currency of the community.

How to get involved?

In order to begin and fulfill your dreams; you must register on the official community site ­ If you have come by invitation, please include the code when registering. In this case, you will be assigned a personal MyDeposit­guide. Your MyDeposit guide will help you with the MyDeposit site to show you how to achieve your dreams as soon as possible, while guiding and teaching you about structure of the MyDeposit community.

How soon after the registration will I be able to create a dream?

You can create your first dream right after the registration.

How do I fulfil my dreams?

After registering, you become a member of the community and you will be able to create your first dream. Know its full value and the part that you are willing to allocate to execute that vision. You will then be given a member of the community, to whom you can transfer your funds.

Can I participate in the community and help other realise their dreams even if I only have a minimum of $50 to donate?

Yes, you can. You can help other people fulfill their dreams. With each of their dreams you will receive bonuses in the form of MyDeposit, which you can use to realize your own dreams. You can read more about this in the "Friends" section.

How many wishes (dreams) can I create?

There is no limit on number of dreams but there is a restriction no more than two desires (dreams) a month.

How soon is my dream going to be fulfilled?

It depends on how big your dream is and what portion are you willing to allocate for its fulfillment. Once this data is entered, you will see the approximate timeframe. The definite date will depend on MyDeposit growth.

How is the timeframe determined, if the exchange rate changes daily and MyDeposit’s future rates can not be known in advance?

That's right, it is only an expected term for the fulfillment of your dreams. This period is projected on the basis of the growth of MyDeposit in the past, and the assumption that the same statistics will follow in the future. You can read more about this under " MyDeposit Rates".

Why is the expected timeframe approximate and not exact?

MyDeposit growth can alternate from month to month so the expected timeframe will be indicated in terms of a range, ex. 1­2 months.

What portion of the cost of my dreams must I allocate for their execution?

Every member of the community decides how much she is prepared to allocate to carry out his dream, but as a standard we have set a minimum and a maximum. No less than $ 50 (or the equivalent of your currency). No more than $ 10,000 (or the equivalent of your local currency). The maximum applies to all your dreams, that is, If you create multiple desires, then all of them combined should not exceed $10,000 (not to be confused with the total cost of a dream at the execution, read more about it in the next question).

Is there a limit to how big my dream can be? (amount required for its fulfillment)

The amount for the fulfillment of the dream is not limited as long as it does not exceed the amount 20 times bigger than the allocated sum.

Why do I need to send money to someone?

When you create a dream you select a portion of the cost for its implementation and exchange it for MyDeposit–community’s domestic currency. Once the receiver confirms the received funds, your dream is said to have been created.

Who do I transfer money to?

A community member like you, who has also transferred funds when creating his/her dream. After a while, you may also be sent some funds by another member creating his/her dream.

What if he/she decides to keep my money for herself?

Or fails to confirm that funds were received from me? The participants are only given the amount that they themselves have allocated and transferred. If the party does not confirm receipt of funds, his dream and therefore the portion of the cost, which he allocated for its execution will be canceled. Therefore, fraud and theft in the community are excluded.

Why do I transfer to a person, not to an organization or a company?

MyDeposit is a community that consists of people and is managed by people. There are no companies and no organizations. Therefore, all funds are held on accounts of participants of the community.

In what way can I send the funds allocated by me for my dream, to another participant?

When you create a dream, depending on your country and currency you choose, you will use various ways of sending money. You have a choice of bank transfers (the most popular method), Wire Transfer and Western Union (money transfer not requiring opening an account.)

When you create a dream how much time do I have to send money to another party?

Once you have decided to create a dream, you will be asked to click "Confirm" to fully confirm your intentions. After that, you will have 3 business days, during which you will be able to make a transfer to another participant.

After sending the money to another party I got MyDeposit. What is this?

Since we are an international community, to ease the exchange between participants from different countries we created MyDeposit ­ internal currency of the community that is an equivalent to your local country’s currency. It is due to the growth of MyDeposit that dreams are fulfilled.

What do I do after I create a dream?

Wait until your fulfilled. For your ease of reference and peace of mind you will able to see the number of days left until your dream becomes a reality. The timeframe is based on the dynamics of MyDeposit growth.

What do I do when the time comes to fulfill my dream?

When the day comes to fulfill your dream, instead of the number of days left you will see the “Fulfill your dream” button. Once you click on it, you exchange MyDeposit and receive enough funds from other participants to fulfill your dream.

Can I exchange MyDeposit before my dream is fulfilled?

Yes, it is possible, but not earlier than one month from the date of its creation. After a month, anytime between the 1st and the 30th of every month, you can exchange MyDeposit in the amount equal to the MyDeposit growth during previous month over the initial amount that you allocated. If this month you are not withdrawing anything prematurely, next month you will again be able to withdraw the amount equal to the growth during the preceding month. Example: a member joins on March 1st with $1000. She indicates that she needs $15000 for the fulfillment of her dream. Let’s say, a month later, that member requires to withdraw for personal needs. Let’s assume that at that moment on the account of that member the amount has grown into $1200. As a result, between April 1st and 30th the member would be able to exchange MyDeposit in the amount of $200 or less. Regardless of whether the member exchanges in April or not, if she decides to exchange a certain portion in May and by that time she will have, say $1600 on her account, she will be able to exchange $400. In other words, a member has a right to a monthly exchange of the amount equal to the growth during the preceding month (in that case it will take her longer to fulfill a dream), or wait till she has the whole amount and exchange it in one shot. The society wants every member to fulfill their dream!

I still did not understand how exactly is my dream realized?

You exchange money that you have allocated for the execution of a dream, into MyDeposit–community’s domestic currency. When you create a dream you exchange MyDeposit at one rate, and by the time the dream is due the rate is different. As a result, due to the growth of MyDeposit your dream will be fulfilled. More information on rate increases can be found in the “MyDeposit Rates".

Can you guarantee 100% that I will get my dream to come true?

There are no guarantees. MyDeposit rate is set by the participants, and the funds are held on the accounts of the participants. There are no companies and no firms. Everything is based on trust. Participants' dreams will be executed as long as the community exists. It is fair to note that no bank can give you a guarantee of payment of your money if it stops operating. But banks do exist and pay people money. So, most likely, dreams will be fulfilled. And how long will the community be there? ­ read on.

How long is the community expected to carry on for?

If we consider that the community is capable of self­governing and self­regulating the rate, it is logical to assume that the community will always exist.

MyDeposit Rate

Who determines the MyDeposit rate?

In fact, the rate is determined by the members themselves, because it only depends on the supply and the demand for the currency. Many factors influence the rate. In short, if the number of members exchanging MyDeposit (fulfilling dreams) is lower than the number of members getting MyDeposit (creating dreams), then the rate goes up, and vice versa.

Why rate increase?

The growth rate is due to constant increase in demand for the currency because of the growing popularity of community. And as every day dreams come true and more and more people join, it should logically lead to a permanent increase in the exchange rate in the future too.

Is the rate constantly going up?

On a daily or weekly scale the growth can temporarily stop. This has to do with the fact that in such short timeframe there can be a different ratio of members creating dreams and members fulfilling them. If we take a longer period (one month or more), the MyDeposit rate has only been going up till now.

Is it likely that the rate will fall sharply and I wouldn’t be able to fulfill the dream?

MyDeposit is fully driven by the community, i.e. the participants. If the exchange rate falls, the reverse is true ­ people realizing it, cease to trade MyDeposit at this particular time, because all are interested in the rate going up, and in exchanging a little later, when the course is restored. Because of this, balance is maintained between the exchange rates in both directions, and participants can predict the execution time of their dreams.

How often should I keep an eye on the MyDeposit rate?

You don’t have to at all. You can forget about MyDeposit rate’s existence until the time comes to fulfill your dream. Because of the rate algorithm, it does not matter what is happening inside or outside the society, no event can harm the behavior of members. The rate is self­regulating and so you can always feel confident in regards to your dreams.

How hard / stable is the MyDeposit currency?

As far as hardness, MyDeposit­currency is equivalent of any world currency ­ British pound, euro or dollar. Any world currency depreciates and vanishes, if not used. Its cost is only supported by demand in the exchange. Similarly in our community. Currencies of many countries now resemble the money bubble. Since they are unsubstantiated and simply printed. With virtual currency it is simple ­ if people use it, it exists.

Who are the MyDeposit­ guides?

MyDeposit­guide ­ a person on whose invitation you have registered in the community. You can contact them with any questions about MyDeposit, they will help you begin realize your dreams as soon as possible, telling and showing the structure of the community.

How to get help from the MyDeposit­guide?

After login you will be able to access "Friends." Your Guide will be marked with the letter "G" in the blue circle. Click on his name and you will be able to communicate with him via chat in real time. Your guide will be notified by mail and will see a message as soon as they enter into their account. If your guide is "online" you will see a corresponding note under his avatar.

MyDeposit Guides

How to become a tour guide?

Inviting into the community a new member, you automatically become MyDeposit­guide and start earning rewards.

I did not meet my MyDeposit­Guide

If your MyDeposit­guide for some reason did not come in contact with you on the link for a month and you can not continue without their help, just email through the contact form and you will switch guides.

Can I change my MyDeposit­guide?

The community does not make the transition from one MyDeposit­guide to another. You can only go to another guide if your MyDeposit­guide does not help you, does not reply to your emails and questions and does not contact you within a month. In this case, just fill out our feedback form and you will be moved.

MyDeposit Friends

Who are the friends of MyDeposit?

All participants who have helped you to realize their dreams and added you as a friend. Activity of your friends can be seen in the "Bonus from friends."

How to add a person as a friend?

Community automatically adds whoever helps you to realize your dream as a friend.

What are friends?

In MyDeposit there are a few levels of friends and near the name of each there is a triangle with the number. It refers to how close your friend is. If you invite a friend Michael, it will be a triangle with “1”. If your friend has invited Michael’s friend, Jack, Jack then will have a triangle with “2”. If Sasha invites Charlie, Charlie then will have a triangle with “3” etc. There is a total of five levels of friends in our community.

How can I communicate with my friends?

After login you will be to access "Friends." Click on the name of any of your friends and you will be able to communicate with them via chat in real time. Simultaneous communication is not required. Your friend will receive a message as soon as they enter into their account. If your friend is "online" you will see a corresponding note under his avatar.

How can I help my friends realize their dreams?

You can help your friends realize their dreams and they will be thankful for it. Perhaps all your life! All you need to do is tell them about the MyDeposit society. To do that, you have an “Invite” section on your account. In that section you are able to invite your friends and acquaintances through sms, e­mail and social networking. Also, in that section you will find your personal link and the site entrance code that you can give to your friends. If the person uses your link or code, you will be automatically receiving bonuses on all their dreams.

What bonus do friends bring?

Every day you invite friends and friends' friends you accumulate MyDeposit­bonuses for the implementation of your dreams. Close friends from level 1 ­ bring you 7% of the portion that they have allocated for the realization of their dreams. Friends from level of 2 ­ 3% Friends from Level 3 ­ 1% Friends from Level 4 ­ 0,5% Friends from Level 5 ­ 0,5%. You can see the activity of your friends in the "Bonus from friends" in your account.

Which currency are my friends’ bonuses going to be in?

All bonuses are calculated in the currency of your country and do not depend on MyDeposit rate. At any moment you can exchange them (withdraw), create a dream using them or simply accumulate them.

Once a friend of mine creates a dream, after how much time will I be awarded a bonus?

Bonuses are awarded to you automatically 3 days after the dream of your friend is created.

Everyone is different. I think that the community will not be interesting to my friends and they won’t understand. There is no person on earth who has never had a dream and who would not want his dream to come true. Ask any of your friends or acquaintances ­ what do they dream about? And even if the topic is embarrassing, just tell them about any of your dreams and that you realize your dreams with MyDeposit. Dreaming is not a shame, as many think. Try to do it once and you'll see how easy and pleasant it is. Anyone can be addressed with this issue, whether it is your friend, distant friend, co­worker or just a casual companion on a subway. And remember, by inviting people to MyDeposit, you make people happy, because you actually give them a chance to realize their dreams

I think my friend will say that I want to make money from him. What can I answer him in this case?

"I tell you how you can fulfill your dream, I also am saving for my dream, and am inviting you, I'm making my dream closer! Is that something bad?"

Do I talk about MyDeposit to my friends and acquaintances?

No, unless you want their dreams fulfilled, doing it is not necessary.

How soon can I withdraw bonuses from my friends?

Bonuses from all levels can be withdrawn immediately as they are assigned.

Do I have to create a dream with my bonuses?

No, if you don’t withdraw your bonuses, they will simply accumulate on your account.

If I invite friends into the community and only assist them with their dreams, without creating my own, do I still need to input my requisites?

Yes, the details are necessary to input in any case. Since they will later be used to receive funds from the MyDeposit­sharing bonuses. Note that you will start getting bonuses from your downline only if you already created and paid for your dream.

Where does the bonus come from?

When you create a third and all subsequent dreams, 12$ will be taken for bonuses.

I get bonuses on all dreams of others, but in case of third and subsequent dreams, it is the allocated amounts that are used to pay out those bonuses. Why?

The lifespan of bonuses (the time during which they are not withdrawn) is much shorter than that of an average dream. And the amount required to fulfill the third and further dreams is at least triple of the allocated amount. Therefore it will take much longer to realize those dreams. This plus the fact that all levels of bonuses have different rules for withdrawals (as well as the constantly changing number of members receiving their bonuses on 5 levels) equal this imbalance. So there is no need to deduct 20% from the first two dreams.

Can I offer a portion of my bonuses to other participants so they can quickly join the community?

No, it is not allowed. If you get caught offering part of your bonuses to new participants to register with your code or link, your account will be blocked permanently.

Can someone transfer funds to me too when creating their dream?

Yes, after you create your dreams and before its implementation you may get a mail notification with a request to get money from another party, who had just joined the community and created their dream.

Trusted Exchange

How many times can I get bonuses from the same friend?

You will receive bonuses for each of your friend’s dreams. But only if it is exchanged for MyDeposit’s "new" money. For example, if your friend is in the full or partial sale of their dreams and MyDeposit is traded at $ 1000 and to create the next part of his dream he has made its value $ 1500, the bonus will be credited to you in the amount of only $ 500, because the $ 1,000 ­ is " old "money that had already been in the community. If he traded MyDeposit at $ 1000 and created another dream by making a portion of the cost in the amount of $ 800, the bonus will not be credited, as it is completely the "old" money. Transferring MyDeposit to other participants will also be considered as exchange.

And what do I do with that money?

Nothing. Just keep it.

And how do I keep the money?

You decide how to store it. Under a pillow, on a bank account or in any other way. You do not have to answer to anyone. The main thing ­ to have it on hand to confirm that you received it.

What if I spend it?

In order for you not to spend the available "on hands" funds, from time to time you will receive the notification with a request to transfer the funds to another party.

And how often do I have to send and receive money?

Every member of the community will conduct about three transactions per month (may be none at all, but no more than three) –either receive the money twice and have it sent once, or send twice and receive once. Doing three transactions per month will not be a burden to any participant, because most operations can be done through the

Internet banking or fast payment system. Perhaps not even every month will you have to carry out these operations, as they are evenly distributed among the participants. In addition, the community connects first of all people who want to create a dream (send money) and those who fulfill the dream (get money), so that the community does not bear additional commission costs.

How do participants know where to send me money?

Immediately after creating a dream within three days you will be asked to enter your information so that others can send you money. Until you enter your details, your account will be debited the amount to compensate the growth MyDeposit (i.e. you do not lose anything, but the growth rate does not occur).

How many requisites do I need to specify?

You must specify at least two requisites. First ­ Western Union and another one, any other method, available in your area.

When realizing the dream who will send me money in exchange for MyDeposit?

When realizing the dream you get money from a participant like you, who has funds "on hand."

How many days after the filing of an application for a dream come true will the funds be sent to me?

When the system receives requests for exchange of MyDeposit it distributes them among the members who have funds "on hand”. After receipt of the request a participant must transfer you the funds within 3 business days.

And what if the other party does not send me the funds that they have "on hand"?

If they do not, then the balance of MyDeposit on their dream will be automatically blocked. And from their account MyDeposit will be debited at a rate of 2% per day of the total amount at the time of the block. Application for unlocking the account can be submitted no earlier than two weeks, after downloading scanned passports. In case of force majeure, if you still have not received money in three days, your exchange order will be canceled automatically and all you have to do is create a new one.

How long after receiving notice of the fact that the money was sent, will the funds reach my account?

The term depends on the bank, but if within 5 working days it does not come to you, the member sending you the funds will be blocked.

What if I get a request to transfer to another party while on vacation?

If you are going on vacation, or just a long trip where you will not have the possibility to send funds to other members of the community, you need to activate the "holiday" and specify the period of your absence. Please note the following restrictions: ­ Creating a record of the holiday can be done no later than 2 days prior to the holiday; ­ Holidays can take any number of days, and be repeated an unlimited number of times; ­ Can not go on vacation during the first month after the establishment of the first dream; ­ During the holidays your account may be charged to compensate the growth of MyDeposit (i.e. you do not lose anything, but the growth rate is also not taken into account).

And if the party will abuse his existing available funds?

In case of misuse, such as: failure to send money or re­exchange of MyDeposit that are "on hand", the system automatically cancels the account without the possibility of recovery. In the presence of the entire structure of the

invited friends the branch is automatically placed under another participant (guide). In case of misuse of dreams and bonuses accounts will also be blocked permanently. More About Dreams

When creating a dream I was offered to transfer funds immediately to three people. Why?

This is to prevent fraud in the community. MyDeposit rate for your dream starts to grow only after receipt of all three parties to whom you've sent funds. If the decision was made to create a dream, you can not send only to one person and cancel transfers for two remaining operations.

Can I, without waiting for execution of the first dream, create a second?

Yes, you can. While in the community, you can create an unlimited number of dreams, but no more than twice a month.

When creating my second dream, I am told that the amount required for the fulfillment of my dream has to be at least double the amount I am willing to allocate. Why?

The main concern for the society is that its members set higher goals for themselves every time. That’s why when creating the second dream, the total amount for realization has to be at least double the allocated amount, and when creating the third and subsequent dreams – triple.

I want to exchange some MyDeposit before the deadline, which I indicated when creating a dream. What are the minimum and maximum amounts for exchange?

The minimum amount that you can exchange for the fulfillment of your dreams ­ $ 50 (in the equivalent of your currency). The maximum amount is not restricted, provided that you will exchange MyDeposit in the amount of not more than $ 10,000 per day (in the equivalent of your currency).

I created a dream and want to create a second, but I can not. Why? Second and subsequent dreams can be created only after the party to whom you send a part of the cost of your previous dreams, confirms its receipt.

If I created a dream and after some time, I want to make another contribution so that it is fulfilled quicker, how to do it?

Next to each dream is a button "Execute faster", clicking on which you can add your desired amount and accelerate the fulfillment of dreams. MyDeposit And Law Does MyDeposit community violate any existing laws? No. In fact, the legislation did not provide a legal term for the process of exchange between individuals.

Is it legal to perform transactions with MyDeposit, while the currency is actually not a legal means of payment?

Yes, it is legal. Exactly the same as the currency exchange in online games, dating websites and freelance exchanges. Operation of an exchange between individuals is not illegal.

Is MyDeposit ­ a pyramid?

No. In pyramids benefits are only received by those who came earlier. In MyDeposit everyone can fulfill their dream due to the rate growth. In this case, we can not guarantee instant enrichment of the community, in contrast to the pyramids and scams. In addition, the MyDeposit rate depends entirely on the participants as well as managed by them. Everyone knows the social network Facebook, the growth of shareholders’ value of which has made them multimillionaires, and yet it is not a pyramid scheme. MyDeposit ­ a community that helps realize your dreams by a confidential exchange between participants. Even the most cherished desires, which only yesterday seemed unattainable, can now be performed. How does it work? MyDeposit can realize your dreams in three ways.

Trusted exchange Everyone has dreams, but most of us have not been able to implement them. And all you need to do is set a goal and take the first step to determine the value of your dreams and provide at least some portion of it. No matter how much it will be, you know that you already began to move towards your dream. This will be your first step. Everything else will be taken care of by MyDeposit. Any of your dreams can be realized with the trusted exchange. To do this, you need to register in MyDeposit community and create a dream, indicating either its approximate cost, or part of it you are willing to provide for its fulfilment. You will be given a member of the community, to whom you will be able to transfer the funds allocated for the implementation of your dreams, in exchange for MyDeposit ­ domestic community currency. MyDeposit will be credited to your account. After a period of time that you specify when you create a dream, you can simply click on the "fulfill the dream" and exchange MyDeposit, receiving from other participants sufficient funds for its execution. You are probably wondering how we can realize dreams of such a huge number of people, because in the implementation of each dream a lot more money is needed than the party assigns in the beginning. It's simple. When you create a dream you exchange MyDeposit at one rate, and by the time the dream is fulfilled the rate is different. As a result, due to the growth of MyDeposit your dream will be realized. The growth rate is due to the steady increase in demand for our virtual currency, because of a steady increase in popularity of the community and, consequently, the flow of participants and applications for the execution of their desires. It is easy to assume that this will lead to a permanent increase in the exchange rate in the future as well.

Without going into details, let us take as an example of a well­known social networking site Facebook. The more people use it and the more popular it becomes, the higher is the value of the company. But all the profits are reaped by Mark Zuckerberg and the shareholders, while users can only post photos and share information. In case of MyDeposit all the participants get the benefits, they in fact are the ones who control the community.

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