HashPoke Review – Read Before Investing

November 19, 2016

HashPoke.com is a cloud mining website which is getting plenty of traction these days. This HashPoke review will list a few red flags associated with this website, thereby revealing that Hashpoke is a scam.

Hashpoke Cloud Mining claims to be mining bitcoins and other crypotocurrencies such as Ethereum, Litecoin, Dashcoin, Dodgecoin and other coins.

Because Hashpoke directors love people so much, they have decided to share their lucrative cryptocurrency mining profits with members of the public who invest in the company…yeah right.

Anyway, members of the public can invest in the company by buying mining power. Investors will earn up to 24% profit per month, depending on the mining contract package bought.

The domain name information shows that the Hashpoke.com website was registered on the 29th of June 2016.

However, Alexa Ratings and Google Trends show the company’s website started receiving significant traffic from August 2016, meaning it was 3 months old at the time of publishing this review.

hashpoke google trends

Moving onto the red flags. The first sign of trouble with this company is the buying of a service to hide the identity of the person who registered the domain name. Let’s face it, a legit company which does not have anything to hide would have been transparent.

1. Is HashPoke.com Legit?

To find out Hashpoke.com is legit or not, we have to look if the available information supports what Hashpoke is claiming.

For example, we’ll check whether the directors of the company are really who they say they are. We’ll also have to check if proof of cryptocurrency cloud mining really exists.

2. Who Owns Hashpoke

According to the website, the four gentlemen below are the team behind Hashpoke:

  • Louis Verhoeven - Founder, Office
  • Thies Jeurnink - Development, Office
  • Pier Bloemhof - Marketing, Community
  • Joris Dutler - Customer Support
hashpoke louis verhoeven
hashpoke pier bloemhof
hashpoke joris dutler

At first sight, it will come across as if HashPoke is playing open cards by disclosing its company directors. Especially when so many other cloud mining companies fail to do the same.

Having said that, a deeper look into the names and faces provided uncovered discomforting information.

For example, Louis Verhoeven Linkedin profile is silent on his other previous work experiences.

It just shows his 11 months working experience at Hashpoke and nothing else.

The same applies to his Facebook profile. It does not have information one would expect from a typical Facebook profile.

His timeline has a single post. Moreover, he has only one Facebook photo, same photo used on the company's website.

On the other hand, Pier Bloemhof does not even have a Facebook profile. Instead, his photo is used on several websites with different names.

I encountered the same type of inconsistencies with the other 2 names, Thies Jeurnink and Joris Dutler.

Given these points, I have to conclude that the names and profile pictures provided by the company as directors are fake.

3. No Proof of Bitcoin Mining Provided​

If a company claims to be mining bitcoins and other cryptocurriencies, then it should provide evidence to prove its claims.

The only evidence furnished by Hashpoke is a couple of lousy and unbelievable mining farm photos.

Considering that Hashpoke already has 80 000 investors mining bitcoins, pictures showing what looks more like a small server room than a mining farm are not convincing at all.

hashpoke mining farm
hashpoke data centre

Pictures showing a real data centre, accompanied by a video would have been more convincing.

In the final analysis, block information showing the pool name and blocks mined by Hashpoke would have been preferable.

In the absence of information to prove the mining of bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies, it will be unwise to take this company seriously.

4. Offer Too Good To Be True

Bitcoin or cryptocurrency mining is a competitive industry, as a result, it is challenging to keep bitcoin mining operations afloat.

It is, therefore, surprising to learn that a newcomer to the scene achieves abnormally high profits.

Hashpoke pays a profit of between 18% and 24% per month, depending on the mount invested.

mining packages for hashpoke

Not forgetting that the company must also get its cut of the profits and pay 10% of the investment as a referral commission. So in reality, Hashpoke has to achieve a return of more than 24% per month to cover its obligations to investors.

Under the prevailing industry conditions, the profits offered by Hashpoke sound too good to be true. I think we all know that if an investment sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.

5. Is Hashpoke a Scam?

As can be seen, the red flags highlighted above and summarized below show that Hashpoke cannot be trusted

  • Using a service to hide the true identity of the website owner.
  • Misleading and untruthful information in the form of fake directors names and pictures.
  • Failed to provide proof of bitcoin or cryptocurrency mining.
  • The company's profits sound too good to be true.

Therefore, there can only be one response to the question: Is Hashpoke a scam? Yes, Hashpoke is a scam. The company will probably be around for a few more months before disappearing into oblivion with investor’s bitcoins.

6. Conclusion




This Hashpoke review has shown that the company is a scam. Find other ways to investing your money, but not through this company or any other bitcoin mining investment.

It is better to purchase bitcoins or ethereum directly at a Poloniex.com or BitX.com but keep them safely in your wallet.

If what bitcoin experts are saying is true, you will reap the rewards of the expected price appreciation over time.

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