How To Invest in HYIP’s

November 12, 2016

Despite many warnings that get-rich-quick schemes are dangerous, some investors continue to invest in HYIP’s and other schemes. It is against this backdrop that I have decided to write this guideline on how to invest in HYIP’s and not lose money.​ Review is an online investment scheme which has taken the world of high yielding investments programs by storm. This is an impressive investment scheme in terms strategy, organisation, marketing and operations that many people are calling the King of HYIP’s for the year 2016.

Is Coince Really a Scam?

With such an abnormally high return, it would be easy just to declare Coince a scam or Ponzi scheme. The difficulty is that Coince seems to be a legitimate business as it is registered with the Companies House as a non-trading company in the UK. Moreover, the company has a telephone number as well as an address to their offices in London.

The Real Reason KIPI Mydeposit241 Collapsed

KIPI MYDEPOSIT241 was the largest and longest running online pyramid scheme in South Africa. It was very successful in using smart marketing tactics to sell dreams to unsuspecting victims.As in all pyramid schemes, participants who joined earlier in 2013 and early 2014 were rewarded handsomely. Those who joined late (second half 2014 and 2015) and […]

Copy Cat Trading for New Traders

​Copy cat trading as the name suggests mainly refers to the act of copying the trade entries of the people who are known to have more experience, knowledge and hold on the market. Often novice traders who don’t have any or minimal knowledge about the Forex trading or the people who are not so confident […]

CLD Mine Review – Is It Genuine or Scam?

​It is estimated that 99.9% of bitcoin or crypto currency cloud mining platforms are scams. This means that every company claiming to mine crypto currencies and requesting you to invest your hard earned cash with them must be approached with great caution. CLD iMine is one of hundreds, if not thousands, of websites that claim […]

Avoid Get Rich Quick Schemes

Get rich quick schemes are rapidly gaining prominence globally. High yielding investment programs, Ponzi schemes and pyramid schemes are the most common forms of them, opted by many people due to the high yield and returns as their investors profess. What are the dangers and concerns of these schemes? This article discusses the pit falls of get-rich-quick schemes and an alternative way to earn income online.

Learn Affiliate Marketing

In this age and era of technological development, one can only continue to appreciate, benefit and fully maximize the importance of online marketing platforms such as affiliate marketing. The introduction of the internet and it’s supporting resources have made online businesses very effective and profitable. For example, Affiliating Marketing one of the simplest methods to build an online

How Does Wealthy Affiliate Really Work

Ever heard of Wealthy Affiliate? Perhaps yes but if not, relax! This Wealthy Affiliate review will answer the question – how does Wealthy Affiliate really work? It will reveal to you all about the Wealthy Affiliate, a tested and working opportunity that has enabled many people around the world to start and establish successful online businesses.

Wealthy Affiliate provides an opportunity for generating online income and, as you will find out, Wealthy Affiliate is not another online scam but after reading this review, you be the judge.Today, internet presents an array of opportunities, from entertainment to communication, ecommerce and opportunities to earn income.

Wealthy Affiliate is an online platform that was co-founded by Carson and Kyle in 2005 to train its community members on the diverse internet marketing skills.

Is Traffic Monsoon a Scam?

Is Traffic Monsoon a scam? Read on to find out.

Traffic Monsoon is an online advertising platform that offers people the opportunity of making money online through adverts, referrals and clicks. Let us just say that it is a revenue sharing program. Just as it name implies, advertising is the primary product at traffic monsoon.

At traffic monsoon, online entrepreneurs buy ad packs which its benefits are traffic from visitors to their site. So if they decide not to buy packs, they can register for free and earn advertising credits by visiting the websites of other members. Traffic monsoon deals only on clicks.

There are various forms of ads on Traffic monsoon such as traffic exchange start pages, banner ads, login ads, traffic exchange credit purchase, and text ads. When a traffic monsoon registered member clicks on two websites, the person will be entitled to 1 visitor credit. Registered members are entitled to 10% commission on people that they referred to other members products. Traffic monsoon members also earn a little amount when they click on ads.

Dealing with Failure in Life

DEALING WITH FAILURE IN LIFEEven though this seems awkward to many people and no one will ever wish to experience failure, failure remains the most vital step to take in reaching success. However, experiencing failure can be very detrimental and can crush your soul. Since failure is inevitable, it is important to learn how deal […]

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