Is Traffic Monsoon a Scam?

February 12, 2016

Is Traffic Monsoon a scam? Read on to find out.

Traffic Monsoon is an online advertising platform that offers people the opportunity of making money online through adverts, referrals and clicks. Let us just say that it is a revenue sharing program. Just as it name implies, advertising is the primary product at traffic monsoon.

At traffic monsoon, online entrepreneurs buy ad packs which its benefits are traffic from visitors to their site. So if they decide not to buy packs, they can register for free and earn advertising credits by visiting the websites of other members. Traffic monsoon deals only on clicks.

There are various forms of ads on Traffic monsoon such as traffic exchange start pages, banner ads, login ads, traffic exchange credit purchase, and text ads. When a traffic monsoon registered member clicks on two websites, the person will be entitled to 1 visitor credit. Registered members are entitled to 10% commission on people that they referred to other members products. Traffic monsoon members also earn a little amount when they click on ads.


There are number of ways to earn money with Traffic Monsoon.

Clicking Cash links and viewing other peoples ads (Free Membership)

The easiest and the less risky way to make money with Traffic Monsoon is to click banners and view others members websites and landing pages, and get paid for it.

Revenue Sharing (Adpacks)

Earning money with traffic monsoon is not that easy. For one to start earning money on traffic monsoon, you have to at least buy $50 ad pack. In this $50 ad pack you will earn $55 after 2 months. Meaning you will a total of $5 profit per Adpack after 2 months. In reality you can earn much more with power of compounding if you buy more Adpacks. This is because Traffic Monsoon profits are shared and paid daily with all the people who hold sharing positions.

‘Sharing position’ is the name given to an active ad pack on traffic monsoon. Now to make huge money with ad packs, you have to have many of them so as to increase your compounding power and income.

For you to make a reasonable amount of money with your ad packs, you should be willing to click on 10 ads daily.

Referral Commission

Another means of earning income on Traffic Monsoon is through their affiliate program. As a registered member of traffic monsoon, you automatically become an affiliate of the platform. You will be entitled to commissions on people that you referred directly to the platform.


To benefit from traffic monsoon, you must be a registered member and be willing to invest hundreds or thousands of dollars because an ad pack can’t fetch you enough income. Also as an online business person, you can benefit from traffic monsoon through website clicks. But the major factor that guarantees you benefits on traffic monsoon is that you must be a registered member.


Registering as a member at Traffic Monsoon is not a guarantee that the platform will increase your income drastically. As an affiliate referring more than 20 people to the Traffic Monsoon is not a guarantee that those people will be making huge purchases on the site. Some might lose interest while some will give it a try. But the two main factors that can guarantee you financial success on traffic monsoon are capital and influence. For you to earn big, you must invest a huge amount and must be influential and sound convincing to people you want to refer.

PROS and CONS of Traffic Monsoon

In every business, there is always the good side and also the bad side of it, therefore traffic monsoon is not excluded.


  1. No fee is required during ‘Sign Up’.
  2. You can make money with them.
  3. Your products are given wide exposure.
  4. You make money when people join through you.


  1. It is capital intensive. You must invest a huge sum of money before you make reasonable income.
  2. Traffic Monsoon’s policies do not support refund.
  3. Free members earn ‘peanuts’.
  4. Your website (products and services) gets traffic only from registered and active Traffic Monsoon members.
  5. Traffic Monsoon no longer using Paypal for payment of funds


For now, Traffic Monsoon is not a scam site as everything involved is clearly made available to prospective members and members regularly withdraw funds from the site. But the truth is that in future, it might end up like its sister sites such as BuxSecure, Adhitsprofits and InfinityBux which were scam sites.


Traffic Monsoon is owned by a self acclaimed pro internet entrepreneur, Charles Scoville. Charles enjoys a huge follower’s base and it’s known for previously running scam sites like InfinityBux, BuxSecure, Foreverbux, and BuxUnleashed. All these sites couldn’t pay its members and closed up due to mistrust and inactivity.


In as much as there is no complaint yet concerning withdrawal of funds from Traffic Monsoon, I won’t advice you to invest your money in a program initiated and coordinated by a serial scammer. This is because one day Traffic Monsoon will end up owing her members and eventually close up as other sister sites. In a business, the first thing that matter is the profile of the owner. If he/she has a good record, then it builds confidence in investors but if he/she doesn’t have a good reputation, it is a sign that doing business with him/her won’t be favorable. I don’t recommend Traffic Monsoon and will advice that you look before you leap.

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