Kipi Dreams - Creating a Dream

Many Kipi members have been experiencing payment problems lately due to a number of factors. So read the Kipi Terms and Conditions before joining and donate the amount of money you can afford to lose.

So you are now a registered MyDeposit247 member and are ready to create a dream by donating a certain amount of money to other Kipi Community members. Well, do not bother creating a dream because you would be throwing your money into a bottomless pit.

As in a typical pyramid scheme fashion, those who joined the party early when it started in May 2013 have reaped the rewards of this Get Rich Scheme. The majority of those who joined later lost thousands of Rand they had donated to the pyramid scheme. You can join and still create a dream if that's what you to do, but in practical terms, Kipi is dead. Many Kipi participants who created dreams watched in horror as their dreams turned into a nightmare. Many people who's dreams have matured had been making withdrawals since December 2015, and yet, they have not been paid.

However, if you thrive on risk taking and would still like to gamble with your hard earned cash, then go ahead and create a dream. If you don't have a Kipi account yet, then please read the how to  join Kipi MyDeposit241 section and create an account. Once you have done that, come back to this page and follow the steps outlines below on how to create a dream.

Create a Dream
  1. Log into your KIPI account and make sure you have typed in and verified your email address, and that you have typed in the correct banking details in the system.

  2. Click “DREAM” on the side bar menu to make sure you are on the correct website page titled ‘WELCOME.’

  3. Click “ADD A DREAM” tab located towards the left hand side of the page.

  4. Clicking the “ADD A DREAM” tab leads you to the ‘ADD NEW DREAM’ page which has 3 typing fields.

  •     a.  Firstly, give your dream a name and type it in the space provided. For example “I want to buy a car’ or “I am saving for my children’s education” etc…

    Kipi Dreams
  •     b.  Secondly, type in the amount of money you plan to donate. This amount can range from R 100 to R120 000. Note that this must be the amount of money you have in cash or immediately available at the bank as you will be required to deposit another Kipi Community members'  bank account within 3 days of creating the dream.

  •     c.  Thirdly, type in the total amount of money you wish to receive after a certain period of time and then click ‘Continue.’

  1. On the following  page you will be requested to select the payment method. Select the ‘deposit to bank account’ option and click continue.

  2. Next, you will be taken to the page with partial bank details where the money will be deposted. Just click continue to get the full bank bank details of the recipient Kipi member.

  3. Congratulations, you have completed the first part of creating a dream. The next step you must take is to deposit the funds you specified into the bank account of the Kipi Community member provided by the MyDeposit241 system.

  4. The deposit can be in the form of  the Electronic Transfer of Funds over the internet, or cash deposit of the money at an ATM or inside the bank.

  5.  After transferring the money, log back into your KIPI account and mark the funds as sent.

  6. Make sure that you keep proof of payment in a safe place as it might be required later.

  7. Once you have marked as sent, you must waitl until the recipient of the funds confirm that the funds have been received.

  8. Once this happen, you dream will be activated and start growing.

DISCLAIMER: You donate money to the Kipi community at own risk. There is no guarantee that your dream/s will come true. Thoroughly read and understand the Kipi terms and conditions before donating. Donate money you can afford to lose.

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Clement Sello

I want make to do a business

Mabhiza Dlabazane

What a baseless set of comments u made Sir /Ma’m!! Kipi is not dead-it is alive and kicking!!! The retrieval of hacked accounts is now complete and withdrawn funds are being paid out . The payment pace is only slowed down if a member that kept funds has misused the fund but the system simply blocks that individual & assign to another. I got paid my bonuses since beginning of last week and and for this week already 4 pple have been allocatef to pay my other maturef dream of R500k, and 8 of my underliners also are getting paid since last week – to some it is bonuses while others it is matured dreams that were due in December 2015 & Jan 2016 but were delayed by the issue of hacking. To All members, please decide to believe what is true- Kipi is alive and is there to stay! This is by no means comparable to a pyramid scheme- those who lost faith on it during trying times of hacking let them leave us in peace while we continue opening & reaping dreams. Those who cancel, it’s a pity they get penalised and only get smaller than their contribution while the rest of their monies are being paid to us who believe God even during trials. Viva Kipi viva. “For the just shall live by Faith.”


For your own sake and other optimistic Kipi members, I hope you are right Mabhiza.


I would like to join KIPI how do i.


I learn the hard way, but its hard to believe that kipi is no more, yes I would be happy if what they saying is true that the system was hacked and now is being fixed a live again but my big question is, why the support team is not responding to my/ our comments and complains an explain that? where are the monthly news letters that were used to be displayed, why there are no more activities? all these signs to me kipi is no more , I hate to admit but all the signs shows negative to me, I have invested not much at a 10k and for what? I have learned the hard way.

melly mtd

hai guys am so lost about this thing of bit coins,how much is the minimum amount you can get these biTcions? from who? how? and how will i make sure that am not robbed….how do you notice if its not a scam? any one with suitable answers please update me…lets get rich together.


You can buy bitcoins for as little as R100 from the following bitcoin exchange websites: , or Do not buy bitcoins from people you don’t know. These bitcoin exchange websites have instructions on how to buy bitcoins.


I created a dream back in 2014 already. I can’t withdraw anything and I need to wait for the new kids on the block–those creating dreams in 2016 which is totally ridiculous.
WHOEVER is reading this comment and wants to get into kipI please DON’T. take it from someone who is a disappointed member in this society. It will bring you nothing but sleepless nights and a range of health issues. Please guys. This system has failed us. Learn from the mistakes of others.

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