Kipi Terms and Conditions

Every public member who decides to participate in the Kipi Community by contributing funds to other members is required to agree to the terms and conditions of Kipi MyDeposit247 as set out below:

Agreement to Join Community

Our community - Crowd Funding

The collective funding by individuals to assist each other to achieve their goals/dreams in life by motivating and guiding individuals to set goals and assist in financially achieving them.

I officially declare that I have taken a decision to join the social financial corporation community. I do this without any pressure from participants of community, being of sound mind and memory by my own wish and I take the responsibility for my actions and consequences. I accept the consequences of my decision to participate as one of the members of community corporation, both evident and none evident, as described, well-known or undescribed and unknown to me or any of the other members of the corporation. I know that this В«organizationВ» is a community of people united by certain В«rules they complied to followВ».

I understand that the В«rulesВ» are only the requirements (or recommendations) which describe the behavior of the community; the В«rulesВ» are not well-defined В«charterВ» and may be changed or revoked at any time without any reason or explanation. I know that within the framework of its activities the community has no official registration, and does not have any license and / or authorizations for financial, business or other activities. I acknowledge that, each participant has the right to carry on activities not related to the activities of the community, and they do not have or require licenses and permits.

I understand that the community is not officially registered, and it has no legal entity or address. I understand that in return for the money I deposited, I get virtual conventional units, which participants agreed to designate as comminuty. I understand that these conventional units (coins) only show the index of my trust to the community and have no value except the value that the community sees in this unit/s (coins). I also understand that the units (coins) is not a currency, e-currency, securities or of any material value, but their worth is only what is accepted by community's members.

I am willing to make voluntary donations to other community members of community

I understand that by making donations to other parties in community I am helping them to achieve their dream. I understant that this means the receiving community member (community member community) can manage the resources that I send, for their sole discretion or any other reason.

I understand that community's members can manage the funds I have donated for their needs, at their own discretion without explanations.

I understand that on the community community link, I can create and describe my own dream and after a certain time, ask other members to help me make it a reality.

I understand that none of the community members community are under any obligation to help me fulfill my dream and that any cash proceeds, other than from me, are their donations.

This document is drawn up in accordance with the law and it is an integral part for participating in the project. All warnings / concerns are presented in a language I understand and translated into my language intelligently. The project organizers reserve the right to make changes in this document and in the rules / recommendations published on the site. I declare that I registered by pressing the button В«RegistrationВ» being of sound mind and good memory by my own wish and without any pressure. I sign the document by my electronic signature and agree with arrangement of individuals described in the В«rulesВ» on the site I understand and accept full responsibility for my decision and waive my right to further litigation against community or its members, and / or appeal to the authorities to complain or claim compensation.