Review is an online investment scheme which has taken the world of high yielding investments programs by storm. This is an impressive investment scheme in terms strategy, organisation, marketing and operations that many people are calling the King of HYIP's for the year 2016.

According to the website, Lara is an interactive messenger bot which is able to wisely invest and grow investors’ capital, then pay investors 3% of the net profit daily.

Lara has been consistently paying people 3% of their initial investment per day for the past 115 days.

According to official Facebook page, the scheme had 70 000 active investors by 27 September 2016. As of this day, 03 October 2016, the network has 84 184 active investors.

larawithme milestone

The program originated from Russia but is now spreading to the world over, including USA, Europe, Asia, India and Africa.

How Does Work?

Unlike traditional HYIP’s whose programs are internet based, chose a cloud messaging application called Telegram to operate their investment program. But what is Telegram?

Telegram is a secure messaging platform like WhatsApp, except that its features allow software creators to develop special applications and programs within the platform.

This is precisely what has done. It has developed a sophisticated Ponzi-like application to operate within Telegram.

To invest in you have to download and install Telegram into your smart or android phone. Then you’ll be ready to create an account and start investing. only allow people to invest the following predetermined amounts: $15, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1 000, $2 000, $3 000, $5 000, $10 000, $15 000, $20 000, $30 000, $40 000 and maximum $50 000.

Once you have invested, will pay you interest of 3% daily for a lifetime. I take lifetime to mean for as long as Lara bot exists, because I know the system is simply not sustainable in the long term.

What Is The Source Of Profits?

Interest of 3% per day is a lot of money. The question is, where does the Lara bot get the money to pay such huge amounts of profits to investors?

Well, Lara claims she’s able to rapidly grow investors’ capital by investing in new business ventures that become highly profitable when they succeed. Some of the companies Lara claims to have invested with include CEX.IO and GDAX. The companies listed are not in a position to generate unrealistically high profits of 3% per day.


Hence I think the investment story is a lot of hogwash. I believe Lara is robbing Peter to pay Paul, that is is a Ponzi scheme.

It being a Ponzi scheme does not change the fact that everybody seems to be getting paid at the moment.

So if you decide to invest in, you should do it with a full knowledge that is a Ponzi scheme, not some super-investment robot as Lara claims.

Getting Started with

Lara outlines the steps for joining and investing nicely on her website and YouTube videos. However, I have prepared a brief guide below:

1. Download the Telegram secure messaging service at and install it to your mobile device.

2. After installing Telegram in your mobile device, register your cell number and name (or nickname).

3. Telegram will verify whether the number belongs to you by sending you a code, which will enable you to login into the Telegram platform.

4. Once logged into Telegram on your mobile device, go to and click the “Activate My Lara Now” red button.

5. The red button will directly connect you to Lara bot in the Telegram chat platform where you will be requested to select your preferred language, after pressing the start button at the bottom

6. To set up your payment wallet address, click the “Earnings” button in the menu below, then click “settings.”

7. Five wallet types will be displayed. Choose the bitcoin wallet if possible. Lara has reported experiencing problems with other payment systems. As a result she prefers the bitcoin payment processor. Select “Change Bitcoin Wallet” button, then copy and paste your bitcoin wallet address.

8. To deposit funds, go back to the main menu and click “Earnings” button, then “My Money” button. Click “Deposit” button and select the amount you want to invest and the payment system.

9. As per system instructions, send the exact amount required to the link or wallet address provided.

10. Exactly 24 hours after depositing funds, you will receive 3% accrual of your invested funds. You can withdraw your accrued funds any time when it is convenient for you.

Watch the video below if you prefer instructions in visual format.

Financial Risks Associated with is a gift from God to investors who are addicted to HYIP’s and get rich quick schemes. People who invested in right when it began 4 months ago have clearly benefited, some have made a killing.

Because runs like a well-oiled machine, people who are thinking of joining the party at this late stage may still have a chance of recouping their investments in a month’s time and start earning profit. However, if you decide to invest with Lara, you should be aware of the following risks associated with investment scheme.

1. Daily payment of profits to investors from the second day of investment make the system unsustainable in the short term. The Ponzi scheme is not only unsustainable but it is also unstable because every member is getting paid every day, and the number of people getting paid is growing fast.

2. BehindMLM website pointed out the risk associated with using a cloud messenger application (Telegram) for a Ponzi scheme. Telegram has a communication line for members to report abuse of the platform or illegal activities. If Telegram investigates the Lara Bot due to public complaints, and shuts it down, then all new investors will lose out.

3. We don’t really know what Lara’s intention is. Is it to help people become financially free or is it to enrich herself and her team by taking a huge chunk of investors’ money. If you add costs for operating, maintaining and promoting through advertising and commission payments, then money directed to investors is reduced substantially. No one can really predict when the party will come to an end, but it will be sooner rather than later.

4. Lara cannot be trusted because she has lied. She states that profit generated is sourced from investment in other high yielding by high risk investments ventures. To experienced HYIP investors, it is clear Lara pays earlier investors with money from new investors, and therefore is a Ponzi scheme. If Lara can lie about this fact, what else is she lying about?

Final Verdict


Ponzi Scheme         

3/10 is a well thought out Ponzi scheme. It has performed remarkably well over the past 4 months, to the benefit of investors who joined early.

Though it has grown rapidly, there’s probably still room for it to grow even more. But then again, you could never predict a Ponzi scheme as we do not know who is counting the investors’ money behind the keyboard, and what her intentions are.

Had Lara not lied about the non-existent business investments, I would have called a pyramid scheme rather than a Ponzi scheme.

Nevertheless, I plan to invest (donate) a small about to the Lara Bot, simply because I am fascinated by the program and want to monitor the performance of daily payments. I don’t really expect to make profit or get my money back.

So if you are thinking about investing as well in spite of the risks, you might as well follow my link to, perhaps I will recover my investment as a result. But you remember that this type of program can shut down anytime without a warning, so don't do something stupid like taking out a loan for a Ponzi scheme.

One thing is certain about; a lot of investors are going to make a lot of money, but a whole lot more people will  lose a lot more money when (not if) the scheme eventually collapses.

UPDATE 10 OCTOBER 2016 bot has been reported as a scam to Telegram by a group of concerned Telegram users. As a result, Telegram has shut down some functionalities. Now, is not able to automactically process payments and has requested members to stop depositing funds until the problem is resolved.   

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