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In this age of technological development, one can only continue to appreciate, benefit and fully maximize the importance of online marketing platforms such as affiliate marketing.

The introduction of the internet and its supporting resources have made online businesses very effective and profitable. For example, affiliating marketing is the simplest method to slowly get rich online. It can yield huge and consistent returns if practiced correctly. Many people are earning a decent living from the internet, simply because they decided to learn affiliate marketing.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?


Affiliate Marketing is the process in which a product user refers a product to another internet user(s) and gets paid a certain amount of money as commission for each sale made from clicking that link. In simple terms, affiliate marketing means selling other people’s products on the internet on their behalf and getting rewarded for it.

The beauty of this online business is that you get paid a percentage or a portion of the sales generated when anyone endorses a product you pasted the referral link, also known as an affiliate link.

This process is very simple and there are online resources and training that will guide you how to get started learning affiliate marketing, and how to find companies that will pay you for promoting their products online.

The company you want to refer someone to, will give you a referral link, or some sort of unique identifier in order to keep track of how many sales were generated from the referral links you posted online for their product.

Why is Affiliate Marketing Legal?

  • People don't just click your referral for you to get paid, you are marketing a legitimate product.
  • Your aim is to advertise the product to others and get paid as an incentive to do more promotion of the product.
  • You serve as an advertising marketer for the company.
  • You are teaching potential buyers about the service or product they want to purchase, hence you are adding value to the online world.

Affiliate Marketing Process


1.  Select a product or service that you would to promote to potential customers.

2.  Find an affiliate program or company that sells the products you want to promote.

3.  Create a website or social network profile to use for promoting the product.​

4.  Attract visitors or potential customers to your website or social network.

5.  Show products and product link to visitors and potential customers.

6.  Customer clicks the product's link. The link leads customer to company that sells the product.

7.  Customer purchases the product.

8.  The sale is then accredited to you.

9.  You get paid a commission. The commission's value can vary from 4% to 50% of the product's price.

Advantage of Affiliating Marketing Over Get Rich Quick Schemes

Unlike get-rich-quick schemes, where there are no products sold, affiliate marketing is a legal means of making money because there is a product being sold. Affiliating marketers serve as marketers for the company and goods are sold from the referrals.

Additionally, you make your money by yourself, for yourself, not for someone on a pyramid scheme that is always eager and hungry for more money from new investors.

There are no interest sharing levels that is evident in the get rich quick schemes. In Affiliate marketing, everyone is paid the same for any referrals made by each person. No multi-level marketing and no pyramid-like activities.

Unlike get-rich-quick schemes where you may be required to risk and invest thousands of dollars to make a decent return, in affiliate marketing you do not invest very much in terms of financial resources. However, you will have to invest a lot more time to learn the basics of affiliate marketing and how to be successful at it.

How to Learn Affiliating Marketing?

The knowledge and skills to become a marketing affiliate are found online. As long as you have basic English writing skills and are computer literate, you should be able to learn affiliate marketing.

Google contains links where affiliate marking resources can be downloaded. The skills are quite easy to learn and within a few week or few months maximum you should be able to start up and earn extra income.

I have listed a few of the numerous resources and training courses over the internet that can provide to you with the education you’ll need to become a successful affiliate marketer:


1. Alisons’ online courses – Free video courses

2. Udemy – Paid video courses

3. Affilorama – Free and paid videos courses

4. Click Bank University – Paid only courses

5. Quicksprout - Free video courses

6. Wealthy Affiliate - Free starter courses and paid advanced tutorials - highly recommended

These are just few legitimate affiliate marketing courses you can take. Just like in the field of get-rich-quick schemes, there are many affiliate marketing scams, so be sure to research courses thoroughly before starting them.

Avoid courses or programs that promise to help you make thousands of dollars without any effort on your part. A good affiliate marketing course should cover the following affiliate marketing basics:

  • Understanding the affiliate marketing money making process
  • Choosing a niche or a product to promote
  • Buying a domain name​
  • Finding a hosting company for your website​
  • Setting up your website​
  • Writing and creating quality content for your visitors​
  • Attracting visitors to your website – Key Word Research​
  • Choosing an affiliate program or company
  • Adding affiliate links to your website​
  • Generating Income from Your Website​

Benefits of Affiliating Marketing

In today’s world, there is no better way to build a business or create significant income than within the online world of affiliate marketing.

Moreover, starting an affiliate marketing business is a lot cheaper than starting an offline one. In the online world you don’t have to hire employees and do not need office space.

The beauty of affiliate marketing is that you don’t have to invest time and money to create a product to sell”. You can just sell just about any product online.”

   Pat Flynn
Internet Marketer

You can do the work from your bed or couch, all you need is a website for referring potential customers to the products.

To get started with affiliate marketing, read a review I wrote for my number one recommend program for learning affiliate marketing – How Does Wealthy Affiliate Really Work – then proceed to create a free account with Wealthy Affiliate to obtain 2 free websites and start free 10 lessons, which will cover the absolute need to know if affiliate marketing.

What distinguishes Wealthy Affiliate from other affiliate marketing training courses in the amount of support and coaching you will receive from the community. The one minute video below summarises what to expect when you sign up for Wealthy Affiliate free training.

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