Miaroi Scam Review

What is Miaroi

Miaroi is an HYIP website that claims to be an online investment company.

The website domain name was registered on 27 February 2016, but HYIP monitors indicate that the website has been actively accepting investments for 32 days at the time of publishing this review.

Its domain name is registered with Namecheap.com. The owner’s postal address is based in Panama City, but the servers are located in Russia.

Miaroi claims to provide a full investment service, with a special focus on bitcoin trading markets and forex trading.

The website states that it has invested a lot of money into computer servers that host special forex trading software and forex trading robots that operate 24 hours a day to make lots and lots of money for its investors.

Mario Investment Plans

The website has 2 investment plans:

Plan 1: 150% Gross Return per Month, including the principal amount.

As an investor, you will be paid 6.8% of your initial investment per day. There will be no payments over weekends. Because the money is paid daily and you can withdraw it anytime. By the end of the investment period, you would have withdrawn 150% of your initial investment, thereby earning 50% net profit in a single month.

miaroi investment plan1

Plan 2: 108% Gross Return after 7 days, including the principal amount.

This plan is designed for investors who want to test the system. You invest once off and get paid a net profit of 8% plus your capital back after 7 consecutive days.

miaoi investment plan2

Is Miaroi a Real Investment or Just a Scam Website?

The return on investment  is excellent when compared to what one would investing in bank or list company. The extremely high returns like this one are a good indication to go deeper into a program and check if any red flags associated with Ponzi schemes can be found. In the case of Miaroi, I will just examine 5 possible scam red flags.

Is Miaroi a registered or licensed investment company?

In the Frequently Asked Questions  page, the website states that Miario LTD is registered as an online investment company in the United Kingdom  and is in compliance with laws  of the US and the European Union.

Unfortunately, the website does not produce any evidence to back up its claims. A company that trades forex on behalf of its investors should be registered and licensed with correct financial and regulatory authorities in the UK.

Registration with Companies House does not count as any scam artist can easily register there for a mere $50 using falsified information. Forex Paradise and Coince are examples of Ponzi schemes that are officially registered as companies.

Miaroi Rate of Return is Too Good Too Be True

The ‘too good to be true’ red flag is a tried and tested method for helping determine if a company or a website is a scam or Ponzi scheme.

A return of 50% per month is extremely high. No company can offer anyone a guaranteed return of 50% per month unless that person brings something unique to the table and risk losing his funds as well.

The high return is just there to attract greedy or financially desperate individuals.

Miaroi investment 100% guaranteed against risk

A legitimate company will never lie to you like that and tell you that your money is guaranteed in the forex industry

Miaroi claims to have a secure system where your money is 100% guaranteed to be safe and protected. This is another red flag for a Ponzi scheme. The higher the rate of return, then the higher the risk of losing money.

The website is lying when it states that your investment is guaranteed and safe in a forex market, and so it cannot be trusted.

Miaroi’s owner is hiding his Identity

The website domain name is protected by a service to hide the identity of the owner. To ensure that investors cannot identify the owner, the website used anonymous payment systems to receive investor’s deposits – Perfect Money, Payeer, and Bitcoin.

Knowing owners details is important in case the website shutdown, then you can at least lay a complaint with the authorities. If you decide to send your money to a company or website with faceless owners, then you are not investing but just gambling.

Miaroi Listed in HYIP Monitors

Mairio is listed in at least 32 HYIP monitors. Legitimate companies never list in HYIP monitors. The only programs that list there are Ponzi schemes and scams.


To people who’ve been in the HYIP industry for a while, it’s obvious that Miaroi is an HYIP scam and won’t be around long.

Because of the way it is set up, this Miaroi scam is clearly aimed at newbies. There is no way it is going convince HYIP industry veterans that it is not a short term HYIP program. Miario will follow in the steps of HashOcean and CLD mine - HYIP scams that stole millions of investors they shut down their websites.

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Before you invest your money on any investment site, you need to know the following
1. There Withdrawal type if is not instant, dont invest.
2. Check their expiry date because most of the Hyip site valid for one year.
3. Check their running days, if is from 1-5 dont invest.
4 Check and monitor their deposit and withdrawal if is stagnant that means they are not paying.
5 After registration go to edit profile in your account, if your perfect money account no or payeer or advcash etc is editable that means the website is not good to invest on it.
6. Do not open multiple accounts because is against the rules.
So before you know all these you need to go on research.

I got scam sometimes back but now am able to detect some of the real site, you can try this site and see they are paying instantly


Tearoi is another scam website. Do not invest there.

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