My Paying Crypto Ads – Earn 20% Profit On Your Bitcoins

Yes, you heard me right. Following the success of My Paying Ads (MPA), which has been running for over 1 year and 8 months now, another advertising and revenue sharing (Revshare) program has been created.

It is called My Paying Crypto Ads (MPCA). This advertising program was launched on 20 November 2016 by Uday Nara from Singapore.

Revshare programs sell online advertising services and share advertising profits members who own program shares in the form of advertising packs (Adpacks).

In the case of MPCA, it will cost you 0.01 btc to buy each adpack. On top of that, adpack owners are required to view at mimimum of 10 adverts per day to qualify for profit sharing.

Depending on the revenue generated by advertising, adpack owners will earn 20% profit within 2 months of purchasing. So, 1  btc will  increase to 1.2 btc within 2 months.

It may not seem like much money, if you buy a lot of adpacks and compound the profits, then you can easily earn a whole lot of money with this passive income opportunity. Below is an example of what I have earned as MPCA members since joining in December 2016. I started off with 0.9 btc, as you can see the value of my account has grown to 2.64 btc by March 2017. The reason for the phenomenal growth is that I withdrew 0.2 btc  once in February 2017, otherwise I have been reinvesting all my earnings.

My Paying Crypto Ads Earnings

I am not a fan of RevShare programs but I could not resist giving this one a try and promoting it to my audience, who are always looking for legitimate and honest ways to earn income online. I honestly believe, with the right strategy, this revshare  program will be a lucrative income opportunity, especially for investors who start early.

Having said that however, My Paying Crypto Ads has risks you should take into account before investing your money and time in it.

1. My Paying Crypto Ads is a business, like with every business, there’s always risk that it may fail.

2. Some people believe that revshare programs operate like Ponzi schemes and may not be sustainable in the long run.

Uday Nara

Uday Nara

Fortunately, the creator and administrator of My Paying Crypto Ads is an online marketer with a has track record of running successful oniline businesses. Uday Nara from Singapore is known as honest businessman who operates My Advertisng Pays in an open and totally transparent manner.

My Advertising Pays is his most successful online and profit sharing business. It was launched on in April 2015, it has been running for 20 months as of today.

My Paying Crypto Ads works exactly the same as My Advertsing Pays. The difference is that MPA accepts all types of payment is US dollars, whereas MPCA only used bitcoin for payment and processing.

I have always been critical of Revshares programs. I am not sure if MPCA operates like a Ponzi scheme or not because I don’t totally understand its business model. However, I wish I could have joined MPA when it launched last year in February.

Many people who participated in MPA had good experience and made good money. This time around, I told myself I won’t let this MPCA passive income opportunity pass me by.

...What To Absolutely Not Do When Deciding To Participate in MPCA

    1. Do Not Delay in Buying Adpacks Some people delay in joining programs or buying adpacks because they want to see the results of other members first. Don’t be one of those people. Programs like this are best to join while still new. Moreover, the power of compounding play a big part in making good profit. Therefore by delaying and starting late, you will time and reduce potential profits. Note the program has been running for more than 6 months, if you have not joined by now, I don't recommend purchasing adpacks anymore.
    2. Do Not Skip A Day Without Viewing Adverts - To participate in profit sharing, you have buy adpacks and view a minimum of 10 adverts everyday. If you skip a day without viewing ads, then you forfeit profit for that particular day. Which will means it will take longer for you to reach the 20% profit mark for you adpacks.
    3. Do Not Let Greed Control You – Do not use money which will financially cripple you should something go wrong. I have seen other people go for huge loans or use all their pension funds saving to invest promising and genuine online programs, only to lose their entire savings because something went wrong.

Having said all that, let us look at good things about MPCA that will make you want to participate as a member

a. The programs is operated by a well-known administrator with a proven track record honesty, openness, transparency and trust. As i write this, the program already has more than 31 000 members, with profit payouts totalling more than 230 btc. Profit sharing earnings are paid daily and you can withdraw daily if you so choose.

b. The program is newly launched, about a month old, but very popular as shown by the stats below. Nevertheless, there is a still a lot of room for it to grow even more.

My Paying Crypto Ads Statistics

c. Participants who make a profit of than 3 times their investment, will have to start over again. Thereby making the program sustainable over a long period of time.

d. If you have a website or product you are selling online, then it’s a great opportunity for advertising them on MPCA platform.

e. Even if you don’t have money, you can still join MPCA as free member and make money from clicking cashlinks or introducing other people to this passive income opportunity.

Just in case you are still not clear about how MPCA works, watch the 5 minute video below.

For strategies and guidance on how to maximise your returns with My Paying Crypto Ads and what to do after creating your free account, read this post on Strategies For Maximising Returns on My Paying Crypto Ads business.

Now, you have 2 choices:
Choice 1: Go ahead and continue to read MPCA reviews - a bad choice because no matter how many reviews you read you still won’t know what would happen if you had joined.

Choice 2: Go ahead and join My Paying Crypto Ads as a free member. Have a look within the members area and see how the whole thing work. Even if you end up not not buying adpacks, you’ll at least get some knowledge about how online advertising and profit sharing programs work.

Create a free account now and earn rewards of up 20% for investing in advertising in bitcoins. This is a 100% genuine passive income opportunity. You can get started for as little as 0.01 btc. 

Visit MPCA

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Please i’ve signed up using your link… I need total guidance on what to do next as i’m new to this platform. You can contact me through my email… I’ll be looking forward to your reply soonest.


    Thank you Toyin. I have sent all the info to your email address. Let me know if you have any questions or need assistance.


i want to join but I want to first know how much is the bitcon in rands: how much am I supposed to pay for this 0.01btc


    The bitcoin price is always fluctuating. But right now, the estimated price for 1 btc is R14 000. So 0.01 btc will cost you R140.


mpca it is a good program with good admins :

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