Natro Limited Scam Review

December 18, 2016
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Note - I wrote this review few days ago, unfortunately, the 'company' scammed investors before I published it today.

Natro Limited is a bitcoin cloud mining ‘company’ that appeared out of nowhere. As it turns out, the company was started by anonymous professionals in the fields of programming, accounting, finance etc…

It was claimed the company is not owned by a single individual. Presumably, the professionals who started the network collectively own it. The good news is that anyone can join in the fun and start making ‘easy’ money, by taking advantage of the network’s bitcoin expertise.

1. How Does Natro Limited Work?

Natro Limited claims to share the same mining pool as Bitclub Network. Hence I am not surprised their business model is more a less similar to Bitclub network.

As an investor, you buy a share of the mining equipment, in turn, the company pays you a proportional share of the bitcoins mined.

If you’re a good network marketer, you will be paid lucrative commissions for referring new members to the company's network. Even better, it does not end there, you will also be paid a portion of their bitcoins mined as an ongoing commission.

2. Is Natro Limited a Legit Bitcoin Mining Network?

It is actually not easy to tell if Natro Limited is a scam or not. It’s claims of association with the Bitclub Network make it look legit at face value. To my knowledge, Bitclub Network has not issued any statements to support or rebuke the claim of its association with Natro Limited.

However, looking at other information provided by Natro Limited on its website paints a picture of a dodgy company.

2.1 Equipment Buyout Option Policy

Let’s look at the company’s equipment buyout option policy.

With the buyout option, the company will give you, the investor possession of your mining equipment should you decide to pull out or cancel your investment. But you as an investor will be responsible for shipping and handling costs.

It is clear the company included this buyout option clause to create a sense of legitimacy for the company. They know for a fact that no investors will seek possession of their mining equipment.

Firstly, the shipping and handling costs will be financially prohibitive, secondly, unless the investor is a bitcoin mining expert, then the equipment will be of no use to him or her.

I remember that Hashocean and Coince used the same tactics to boost their legitimacy. This is because this policy makes the investor think to themselves, “If a company is willing to hand over my mining equipment, it means the company has mining equipment and it is therefore legit.”

Based on this buyout option manipulative trick, I have to doubt the legitimacy of Natro Limited.

2.2 Misleading Information

Other information I found both interesting and bizarre is the website’s bitcoin mining and pay-outs statistics. According to 14 December 2016 statistics bar, the company mined (excavated) 1043 btc and paid out 939 btc to investors, all in one day. Could these statistics be possibly true or is it some kind of mistake?

According to bitcoinblockhalf website, 1728 btc are generated per day. And yet, Natro limited want investors to believe that it is able to mine 1043 btc, all on its own.

Therefore, the company’s statistics are misleading as we know no single bitcoin mining company can generate 60% of total bitcoins on its own.

These people are publishing false statistics, and so, how can we trust them with anything else? Indeed, if they are lying about their bitcoins stats, you can be sure they are lying about many other issues as well.

2.3 Profit Too High For Bitcoin Mining Investment

After analyzing the rate of returns Natro Limited is promising investors, I noted that investors will recover their principal investments in 2 to 3 months’ time. Thereafter they will be earning profits.

For example, if you buy the pro-pool mining package at $300, you will receive payouts amounting to about $420 after 2 months. So within 2 months you would have made a net profit of $120.

Natro Limited Payment Plans

I have been in the bitcoin mining industry long enough to know that these returns are not possible. There's a name for companies which promise investors heaven and earth, when they have no intention of fulfilling their promises. We call these companies scams. Taking other factors into account as well, Natro Limited fits the definition of a scam perfectly. Ether Miners, Hashing24 and Coinomia will soon join the scam list as well.

4. Verdict




Although the company has sebsequently scammed investors and shut down its website, it should have been obvious to an average person that this company was a scam.

5. Alternative to Bitcoin Mining

I will repeat the same message I always say to my audience. If you want to invest in bitcoins, you should avoid bitcoin mining companies. Rather buy bitcoins from a reputable bitcoin exchange such as bitx or localbitcoins.

Alternatively, you can follow my example and invest in bitcoins through a forex broker to take advantage of the leverage principle.

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