Negative Thinking and How to Overcome It

Some people call themselves optimists, others consider themselves to be pessimists while some believe they are but realists.

Although there’s no such thing as reality, but the perception of it, the way we are is a constant choice that we make, consciously or unconsciously.

How is this possible? You are in each and every moment of your life the things you focus upon. You can focus upon your passions, on the positives of your life experience, on love, or you can choose to focus on what you lack, on doubt, fear and all that negative emotions.

So, is negative thinking in our control, do we have any power over it or does it have power over us? In the end can we control it and overcome it? The answer is yes, we control it and we can overcome it, but first, let’s see what it is exactly.

What Is Negative Thinking?

Negative thinking is nothing but a pattern of thoughts that we choose to think, due to the fact that our vibrational state is similar to the vibrational state of these thoughts, which is low. You’ve sure must’ve heard the expression “I’m feeling low”, right? It’s literally what happens!

What we do is keep inviting the negative thoughts in, allowing them to grow and to attract other negative thoughts along the way. In the end, we experience this snowball effect of negative thinking that we find almost impossible to stop or control.

First of all, there’s one thing you need to know before anything!

Negative Thinking Isn’t a Bad Thing!

In fact it can be a very useful tool if you understand it correctly! What negative thinking tells about yourself is where you are vibrational. Whenever you find yourself trapped between negative thoughts, you need to get down deeper and investigate the real reason why you’ve let your vibration go down.

In the end, negative thinking is the best diagnosis for your own personal vibration, for your focus, basically.

Consider it your best friend beforehand, and don’t ignore it or try to wipe it under the rug, but go deeper and find the real cause that triggered it. Now that you know that negative thinking, just like positive thinking is just merely offering valuable information about your present state of mind, you are ready to release it.

How? Here are the simplest and most effective means to stop negative thinking and feel happy, joyful and light once again!

Accept It

The worst ways to resolve things in general is to run away from them or fight them. This is also the case with negative thinking.

The more you want to get rid of it with force, the more it bites back. Once you acknowledge you’re experiencing negative thinking the best way to get rid of it is to explore it. Jump in and see what valuable lesson it has to offer to you.

Don’t run away from it, but integrate it, accept it and value its importance into your life. When you accept together the positive aspects and negative aspects of yourself you will become the happies man alive.

Accepting the negatives in your life is the same with accepting yourself!

Trust in Yourself and the Universe

Once we learn to accept ourselves with all these good/bad, high/low variations, we’re ready to take it a step further and start living in the most comforting feeling that you can ever experience, and that is TRUST!

Once you learn to trust the way your life is unfolding and just know that it is the way it is for your greatest advantage, you’ll get rid of the insidious and hurtful feeling that is doubt.

Trust in God, trust in the power of the universe and trust in the unconditional love you are given with each passing moment and the constant blessings you are given.

Live in the Present Moment

When you accept/integrate the negatives and the positives of self and trust that there’s nothing bad that can ever happen to you because you are loved and protected 24/7, you will start to live in the present moment.

Although time is an illusion, we are set to the 3D world, where time is unfolding in a linear manner. However, everything happens in the NOW. All your thoughts of the past or future are ALWAYS happening in the present moment.

In fact, there’s nothing you can do to get out of this present moment, but what you can do is to make it your focus.

There’s only one place in this world where there’s no negative thinking and that is NOW.

Focus on the Things that Bring You Joy

In the end, the purpose of life is to have fun and to be happy and the best way to do this is to follow your passion, live it, breathe it and never let it go.

Passion is the main ingredient for a joyful life, filled with wonderful experiences and positive outcomes, where everything settles for you in the ways you can’t even imagine.

Focus on joy and joy will come to you!

Have an attitude of gratitude

Instead of regarding your life from a place of lack, where you don’t have this or that, where you’re not who you want to be or where you want to be, start counting your blessings. It’s your attitude that determines your altitude and not the circumstances outside of you.

Everything that happens to you is here to help you grow, and either good or bad, you need to be grateful for each and every opportunity you have to become the greatest version of yourself.

Practice gratitude and you’ll soon experience the bounty and abundance the law of the universe has in store for you.

Play more!

If there’s one thing we all do in this life is that we are too hard on ourselves. We think too much, we criticize and judge ourselves too much and we believe it’s the best way to fit in the world. Truth be told, it’s the worst means to swim through life.

Why so serious? Why so demanding? Why so expecting of self? Why such a bore? What do you get out of it, but pain and suffering?

Play more! Be joy, be easy, be kid-like and stop forcing yourself into the ridged, no-fun adult life, because you miss the very essence of life which is: having fun!

Be love, be light, trust the universe and just have fun and you’ll soon see there’s absolutely no place for negative thinking in your life!

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