Pegasus Trading Management Review

September 19, 2016

Pegasus Trading Management is a new and exciting HYIP website that started operating on 13 September 2016. It is exciting because it is different from your run-of-the-mill HYIP websites which promise investors ‘mission impossible’ returns on their investments, Pegasus offer investors a modest return of 300% per annum.

Unlike many short-term HYIP websites, Pegasus was created to be a long term investment. It mirrors the likes of Forex Paradise in that it was designed to be financially sustainable over a long period of time.

Unlike Forex Paradise which purports to trade in Forex, Pegasus claims to be in the business of trading in gold, gas and oil.

Pegasus’ mission is to share their investment system with the public and enable ordinary people to benefit by tripling their initial investments. The question is, can you really expect Pegasus Trading Management to pay you a gross profit of 300% per annum?

How does Pegasus Work?

It is not easy to understand how Pegasus business model is able to generate a net profit of 200% per annum for investors.

But I am pretty sure that potential investors (or victims) are not worried too much about how the company generates profit, what they care about is how much profit be will landing in their pockets.

Pegasus investment plans are simple and straight forward. Its investment system is divided into 4 types of plans: Trial, Basic, Standard and Partner. The 4 types of plans work in exactly the same way, the difference is in the additional amount of the weekly bonus payment depending on the plan type.

pegasus trading management investment-plans

For example, when you invest a certain amount of money, let’s say a $1000.00, you will accumulate 1% a day into your Pegasus’ account for 300 business days. One percent of $1000 is $10; therefore $10.00 per day will be accumulated into your account, totalling $3000 after 300 days, including your principal amount.

This is an HYIP investment that is long term, 300 business days are equivalent to one full year. Now the question is can you trust Pegasus to keep your investment safe for the whole year and return it to you with 200% profit?

Well I can tell you for free that only a fool will entrust their funds to Pegasus. Its modus operandi is similar to Forex Paradise, and just like Coince, Forex Paradise will soon scam its investors.

If you just wanted to know if Pegasus is a scam company or not, then you don’t have to read any further as you got your answer.

However, if want to know the reasons why Pegasus is an HYIP scam, then you can read further down as I list a few red flags below which support my contention that Pegasus is a scam.

Pegasus is Hiding Identities of the Company Owners

Pegasus does not seem interested in identifying the owners of the company. Firstly, there’s no info on companies board of directors, management team, or even its chief executive officer.

Funny enough, the two big oil companies (China National Petroleum Corporation and Sino Oil & Gas Holding Ltd) which Pegasus claims to be in partnership with, have their management teams and CEO displayed on their websites. Below is an example of China National Petroleum Corporation management team.

Pegasus Non Managment Team

Secondly, the company has paid for a service to hide the true identity of people or companies which had their domain name registered. What this means is that we can’t put a name or face to whoever is administering Pegasus website or company.

Finally, Pegasus chose to process fund with anonymous payment systems: Bitcoin, Perfect Money and Payeer.

But why were these anonymous system chosen? Simple. The website does not want us to know its owners or any of its employees because we won’t know who to look for when the Ponzi scheme eventually and unexpectedly shuts down.

If we don’t know names or faces behind the website, then we cannot report the case to the authorities or lay criminal charges when they have stolen investors’ funds.

Pegasus Trading Management Exposed as a Fake Website and Company

I was amazed at the amount of details provided when reading Pegasus Trading Management companies story line. Save for the crazy return of 300% per annum, everything written about Pegasus business model seems to make sense such that it was difficult to punch any holes.

Fortunately, further research on Google revealed that Pegasus Trading Management HYIP with the url  address is fake.

The url address of the real Pegasus Management Trading is This is the company that does the actual trading in oil and gold and is no way related to the fake HYIP Pegasus Trading Management. It is not easy to find on search engines because its website is written in Vietnamese, though there is an option to translate the language to British English.


Pegasus Trading Management Fake Site

pegasus trading managment real site

Pegasus Trading Management Real Site

This explains why the business model and storyline of the fake Pegasus is so immaculate, they simply replicated the real Pegasus Trading Management. Some of  the beautiful photos of Pegasus company offices and meeting are probably sourced from the authentic Pegasus Trading Management company as well.

If this information does not convince you that the Pegasus Trading Management is fake and a scam, then nothing else will.

More Pegasus Scam Red Flags

A return of 300% per annum falls under the category of what we consider "sounding too good to be true." Any company that promises a total stranger a return as high as 300% per annum is probably operated by scammers.

Moreover, Pegasus is listed in many HYIP monitor websites. Any company listed in HYIP monitors is a Ponzi scheme or a total scam.

Final Verdict




It will take investors (or victims) almost a year (300 business days) to find out if the company will actually pay out when their investments reach maturity.

As result Pegasus is likely to have a long life span like Forex Paradise. However, it does not mean that people who invest early will receive their pay out at the end of the investment period.

People who invest small amounts of money might get lucky and receive payment. However big spenders or investors have an almost zero chance of making a return on their investment.

This is because big investors are the main target of the scam artists who operate these HYIP scams.

But if you don't mind leading people to a slaughter house, you can make some money promoting Pegasus to other people over the internet. The scam has a lucrative affiliate program.

In conclusion, Pegasus Trading Management is a scam. Do not invest because you will lose your money.

If you found this scam review useful please share to prevent friends or colleagues who like get rich quick schemes from getting scammed.

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