Pipcoin Crypto Currency – Scam Exposed by Confidante

One of my Facebook friends invited me to this interesting website – mypipcoins.com – that promised to make investors rich through a new pipcoin crypto currency.

Naturally, I don’t really have interest in get-rich-quick schemes anymore as I have seen too many of my friends lose money as the schemes crumbled right in front of their eyes. However, what attracted me was the fact the pipcoin Crypto Currency origin is from Africa, South Africa in particular.

I decided to register because I wanted to see how the pipcoin crypto currency worked and check if the crypto currency was real.

I was disappointed to find that pipcoin was far from being an opportunity to escape poverty for Africans as one of the crypto currency founders, Ref Wayne, claims in his promotional videos.

After scrutinizing their website, doing a bit of research and trying to buy a few pipcoins, I concluded that pipcoin is not a crypto currency. Rather, pipcoin is a bogus digital currency created out of thin air to defraud and scam gullible members of the public who believe in get-rich-quick schemes.

After reading this blog post you will understand why I concluded that the mypipcoin crypto currency and mypipcoins.com website are nothing but an elaborate Ponzi scam designed to swindle investors out of their hard earned cash.

1. How Does Picoins Crypto Currency Work and How to Acquire Pipcoins

To get started with investing or trading in pipcoins you must create an account at mypipcoins.com and then set up your banking details and bitcoin address if you already have one.

If you’ve been a member of MMM, then it should be simple for you to navigate mypipcoins.com website because the websites’ back office is a copycat of Sergy Mavrodi’s MMM.

To buy the pipcoin digital currency, simply click the “Buy Invest” button under the main dashboard platform. A popup dialog box will appear. Specify the number of pipcoins you want to buy and type in your security code, then click OK.


After clicking OK, a ticket will be created at the bottom of your back office until the system matches you to a pipcoin seller.

While you are waiting for the system to match you to a seller, the number of pipcoins you are in the process of buying will be shown under the ‘pipcoin’ menu. The system will indicate that your pipcoins have not been confirmed yet. However, your pipcoins will be earning daily interest.

Once a seller is found, an order with banking details of the seller will be created. All you have to do is check the bank details of the seller and deposit the required amount of money at the bank or through an EFT, then load proof of payment on the system.


Once the seller confirms receiving the funds on the system, the system will indicate that your pipcoins have been confirmed.

The number of pipcoins you have bought, or are in the process of buying will be shown in a blue colour under the ‘pipcoin’ menu, indicating that they are not available for withdrawal. When your pipcoins are available for withdrawal their colour will turn green. According to the administrators, people will be able to withdraw their pipcoins at least 30 days after creating an order.

2. Benefits of Buying Pipcoins

According to the mypipcoins website, one of the benefits of pipcoins is that you can buy them at a low price and sell them at a higher price. And the reason you will sell pipcoins at higher price is because as more people join mypipcoins websites, the demand for pipcoins will grow and eventually result in the price increase.

The website says that you can also benefit because you are using your computer’s central processor to automatically mine (search) for more pipcoins in the servers. As result of this mining, your pipcoins, or your pipcoin value grows.

The problem is that the website doesn’t explain exactly how your computer’s central processor mines or searches for these pipcoins. The reason the website gives for not explaining is that it is too complex for the average person to understand it. Could the real reason they can’t explain be that no mining of pipcoins actually takes place? You be the judge of that claim.

The table below shows the expected growth of your money should you decide to invest or buy pipcoins.


3. Pipcoin Founders

According to mypipcoins website, the founder of pipcoin cannot be attributed to a single person as the system is backed by a team of professional software developers. However, the following individuals were singled out:

1. David Schwartz is credited for the inception of the idea of pipcoin digital currency,

2. Ref Wayne Nkele is responsible for developing the mathematics and algorithms that enable the pipcoin system to work.

It was difficult to perform a quick background check on David Schwarz as there are too many people named David Schwarz that show up on Google results.

Fortunately, Ref Wayne Nkele has a LinkedIn profile. In his profile, he describes himself as a 21 year old Executive Chairman at African Foreign Exchange Institute. He states that he has a Master’s Degree in Forex Trading obtained from DIY University.


What I found bizarre is that his LinkedIn profile does not include coding or software development experience, skills or studies. Something about his lack of software development skills and the role he claims he played in developing the pipcoin crypto currency just does not add up.

Ref Wayne seems to be leading the advertising campaign for pipcoins through a few promotional videos on the internet. He was the main presenter as well when pipcoin was launched in Durban on the 13th of February 2016.

In one of his promotional videos he claims that one of their pipcoin developers used to work for Google, and another highly skilled developer used to work for Facebook. However, we won’t know for sure if this is true as these software developers want to remain anonymous.

Video Below: Some pipcoin founders and beneficiaries subtly mocking pipcoin investors.

4. What is a Pipcoin?

According to the mypipcoins website, pipcoin is one of Africa’s first crypto currencies that is decentralised and completely without a middleman.

Fact: It is a pure lie to say that pipcoin is decentralised. Pipcoin is not decentralised, but the opposite is true. Pipcoin is highly centralised because the only way to buy Pipcoins is through their website. You can’t buy pipcoins from any other crypto currency exchange, other people or even your friend. Additionally, you cannot access your pipcoins any other place than through their website.

The pipcoin website states that Pipcoin has some similarities with Bitcoin, but it is unique and better than Bitcoin because pipcoin serves as a payment getaway for ecommerce websites, supposedly meaning that you can use pipcoins to make online payments at some ecommerce websites.

Fact: You cannot buy anything from any ecommerce website with pipcoins. The way the system is set up, it doesn't allow for it to happen in the future, whereas with Bitcoin, you can buy from hundreds, if not thousands, of online and offline stores.

The pipcoin website states that pipcoin serves as an investment tool as well because by buying and trading in pipcoins you’ll make money as the price of Pipcoins is predicted to increase at 35% per month due the expected increase in demand for pipcoins in future.

Fact: It is misleading to say that the price of pipcoins will increase by 35% per month because of supply and demand. In a true demand and supply scenario, the price can go down or go up. However, I am fairly certain that the price of pipcoin will increase by 35% per month over time, not because of supply and demand, but because the website administrators control the pipcoin, meaning they can set value of the pipcoin at whatever price they want.

5. Where Did the First Pipcoin Sellers Obtain the Coins as the System is New?

According to the pipcoin website news, savvy members of the public have asked the following pertinent question:

“How is it that there are sellers but the system is new? Who are these people and how and where did they get the coins to sell?”

In answer to the above question, the administrators say that the sellers of pipcoins acquired them in the following manner:

1. The people who tested the pipcoin system invested a lot of money into the development of the system, as a result they acquired pipcoins worth about 5 million Rands,

2. People who were providing service to the company such as miners, programmers and administrators were paid with pipcoins.

Although, I don’t believe this explanation, let us assume it’s true for now. It still does not explain how the company itself acquired the pipcoins that it used to pay its employees and contractors. My guess is that the company simply decided how many pipcoins they wanted to have and made the number up. Remember that the company controls everything about pipcoins and no one can check how they created the R 12 000 000 worth of pipcoins that are on the system.

6. Is Pipcoin Really a Crypto Currency?

When Pipcoin was launched on the 13th of February in Durban, 2016, it was claimed that it is an African Crypto Currency. However, the characteristics of the pipcoin does not support that contention. Evidence obtained from using mypipcoin.com website strongly indicates that the pipcoin is not a crypto currency, for example:

· The only way to store and access your Pipcoins is through mypipcoin.com. As a result the pipcoin currency system is highly centralized, meaning there is a central point of control of the supply of pipcoins by the administrators.

· The only way to sell your pipcoins is through a buyer randomly selected by the mypipcoin.com website system. You cannot sell or transfer your pipcoins to your friend or family members. Which ultimately means you don’t really own those pipcoins.

· Real crypto currencies have wallet addresses which you can use to receive the coins from anybody. Pipcoin does not have wallet addresses.

Read the Centennial of Coins Review  to find out if you can really make money with this pyramid scheme.

It should clear to anybody who has used bitcoins in the past that pipcoin is not a crypto currency. The pipcoin is just a convenient way to represent the amount of money participants have invested in the website. Pipcoin works in a similar fashion as Kipicoin in KIpi Mydeposit241, and a Mavro in Sergey Mavrodi’s MMM.

Finally, the de facto way to determine if a coin is a real crypto currency or not is through their blockchain.

This is because all genuine crypto currencies must have a blockchain. For those of you who don’t know what a block chain is, a block chain is a public ledger of all coin transactions that have ever been executed. Below, see an example of a proper and genuine blockchain transaction that is available for any member of the public view. Not a single pipcoin can be verified in this manner.


The block chain enables the proof of work to be carried out. The crypto currency transactions must be verified by at least three independent sources, that’s how the bitcoin and other genuine crypto currencies function.

Essentially, if a coin does not have a blockchain associated with it, then it is not crypto currency, and because the pipcoin does not have any blockchain associate with it, the coin cannot be classified as a crypto currency.

7. The Good and the Bad about Pipcoins

7.1 The Good Stuff about Pipcoin

1. A low percentage of pipcoin investors will make money from their investments provided the scam is kept going for a few months. People who are likely to make money are the early investors provided they can control their greed and make withdrawals before the scheme collapses.

2. If you're good network marketer, you will make a lot of money by driving masses to the scheme. This is because the scheme is very easy to sell as it has been cleverly marketed to appeal to peoples emotions, mainly greed and the feeling of helping out community members.

3. The scheme has been broadcast on national television. This makes it appear as a legitimate program to the public and hence easy to recruit more members and make good money if you're a good networker.

4. People will learn the hard way that get rich quick schemes don’t work in the long run. Experience is the best teacher.

7.2 The Bad Stuff about Pipcoin

1. The company has promised that it will soon be issuing a debit card. Promising to issue a debit is an old trick used by fraudulent companies to create a false sense of trust and legitimacy to unsuspecting investors.


2. The transfer of pipcoins is verified by one sources, instead of 3 independent source as is usually the case with legitimate crypto currencies with a blockchain.

3. Pipcoin is not a crypto currency. The currency is worthless and useless  in the real world.

4. From watching promotional videos and going through their website, one can tell that pipcoin owners are serial liars and will scam your cash out of your pockets.

5. The scheme is extremely high risk and the chances of losing your money are very high. Over 95% of participants will lose money.

6. You will  feel like a fool after watching  the scheme collapse within a few months and realising that you have been duped.

7. Huge buying orders will be manipulated, they will be forwarded to the system owners, colleagues, friends and family. Remember, they control the system, so they can manipulate it in any way they deem fit.

8. If you invest huge amount of money, say R30 000 to R150 000, then you can be 99% sure that you won’t recover your money.

9. If you’re good network marketer and have attracted a lot people to this scheme, then expect to be blamed for leading people to a slaughter house when the system collapses.

10. By the time the majority of people read this article, it will be too late recover their investments.​

8. Is Pipcoin a Front for a Fraudulent Scheme?


Mypipcoins  is clearly a Ponzi scam and many of the participants will be left with broken hearts when the scheme collapses.

There are too many tell-tale signs of a scam occurring. The marketing of the pipcoin is designed to appeal to people’s emotions, such as making people feel like they are contributing to making world a better place, for example the phrases “Help a Child”, “Become part a helping community”, “It start with you”, etc… are used throughout their website and promotional material.

They also use wording similar to ‘get-rich-quick' scheme lines such as “Pipcoin will create over a 100 millionaires by the end of this financial year”. These are revealing signs of a fraudulent scheme.

Moreover, pipcoin is a closed system, you cannot trade with anyone other than randomly chosen people registered on the website. Their blockchain is not public or transparent, in fact, they do not have a blockchain and, if they do have one, then it is not operational.

Since we have established that pipcoin is not a crypto currency as they have claimed, it means they can produce as many pipcoins as they want to sell to the public. With this, they can issue the pipcoins to whomever they want. The first people who will benefit from the issuing of pipcoins is their administrators, managers, employees, friends, families and relatives.

Remember, for the first 30 days, new participants will not be able to sell their pipcoins as they will be frozen. So you will be buying your pipcoins from the owner’s friends and family. They will be providing you’re with their multiple bank accounts for you to deposit the money for worthless pipcoins.

So yes, yes, and yes, mypipcoins.com andpipcoinare a fraudulent Ponzi scheme that is ripping people off.

9. Alternative To Investing in Pipcoin

If you want to invest in a digital currency, then invest in a real cryptocurrency - Bitcoin. Experts believe bitcoin has a bright future; its price is expected to skyrocket in the next few years.

Therefore, making bitcoin part of your investment portfolio is a great investment strategy. You can invest in bitcoins by buying themat an exchange such as Luno. and then keep them in a safe place.

To avoid costly mistakes  made by newbies to the world of bitcoin​, it maybe a good idea to register for one of many structured and cheap bitcoin  videos courses at Udemy. Search for bitcoin courses offered by Ravinder Deol, who in my opinion, is the best bitcoin trainer and offers the best value for money

Alterna​tively, you can try one of my favourite methods for profiting from forex trading - eToro Copy Trading. You can use it for investing in forex by automatically copying top traders.

eToro has thousands of professional forex traders from which to select a trader to copy.

To learn more about automatically copy other professional and successful traders, check this post on how to profit from forex trading without any forex trading knowledge or experience.​

UPDATE - 13 JULY 2016

Ref Wayne's SCAM EXPOSED by his Confidante Thulani Maphiliba [Click to read]

Ref Wayne's Facebook response to accusations by his Confidante [Click to read]


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Yoh! You are scaring me,i am cancelling this pipcoin scam and thank you very much for letting us know.


You’re making the right decision Zodwa. Mypipcoin.com founder Ref Wayne and others are probably multi-millionaires by now. Thanks to the kind donations by the pipcoin community. I am glad you won’t be one of the donators.


Lol haha let’s wait and see if it’s really a scam, kipi scammed me of my money but I never posted anything. Let’s wait and see if they’re really a scam as you state



please advise weather kipi and mmm are any different from my pipcoin?
from my observation the structure is very similar
is kipi a scam?
is mmm a scam?
who did we provide help to when mmm was launched in south Africa?

thanks looking forward to your feedback


Mypipcoins is a copy cat of MMM. It has the same business model as MMM. Kipi operates in the same manner as MMM and mypipcoins, it is just that it’s payment periods are longer, people could wait as long as one and a half years to withdraw their funds.

So all 3 schemes have the same business model – they use money from new investors to pay earlier investors. In the long run, all three schemes are not sustainable and sooner or later will all collapse when new recruits dry out.

What is different about MMM and Kipi is that they are honest about their business model.
They make it clear that you are not investing. But rather you are voluntary giving your money to somebody else, with the hope that other people will return the favour and donate to you. So I don’t consider Kipi and MMM to be scams. They maybe pyramids schemes, but they are not scams.

The reason I classify mypcoins as a scam is because they are not honest about their business model. They lie and mislead people into thinking that they are investing and buying a coin that will be of value to them in future.

They lie about having created the first African digital currency. They lie about the plans to have their crypto currency accepted in online stores. The lie about having plans to prodce pipcoin debit cards.

So the pipcoin community is under the impression that it is buying a valuable digital currency, when in fact they are just participating in another Ponzi scheme.

The fact is that mypipcoins does not have a digital or crypto currency. Their whole business model is based on lies. That’s what makes mypipcoins a scam. Because they are brazen liars who are prepared to appear on national television to spread their scam.

Because they lie so much, I expect them to try their level best to divert as much of the pipcoin community funds to their multiple personal and business bank accounts.

So most of the pipcoin money is most likely to fraudulent end in up in the pockets of the scam founders as the pipcoin buy orders will be manipulated in their favour.

I honesty don’t know who was the first person to receive help in MMM global, but my guess would be the first trained managers were the first to receive help.

Remember that MMM does not claim that its Mavros are a crypto currency.

I expected the source of pipcoin crypto currency to be from mining. Pipcoin founders failed to answer the question adequately because they don’t mine their pipcoins, they just make up the numbers to meet demand.



Is it true that MMM will closing in April 2016



No, that’s not true. Nobody really knows when MMM RSA will come to an end. MMM RSA can end a few weeks from now, or it can be a few months, or even years. That’s the nature of pyramid schemes, they don’t go on forever. Which is why Sergy Mavrod says participate with spare money because he himself does not know when the system will cease. It all depends on the participants and if people continue to have trust in the system,

As long as the system continues to recruit new people and there’s a balance between people who provide and get help, the system will continue.

Sergy Mavrodi has developed certain tools to sustain the system when the demand for money exceeds supply. He can pause the system, meaning the GROWTH of mavros can be frozen until the system stabilises.

Or if the pause does not work, he will simply restart the system. Meaning that all mavros will be frozen and everybody on the system will have start afresh again and provide help before receiving help. Restarts have happened in several countries, India being one example.

So when joining MMM RSA or MMM Extra, you must accept that there is a high risk of losing money as well. Which is why you must follow the rules and use spare money when helping others.


When you started kipi u never told us it was a scam why you telling us that now? U have wasted soo much writing and explaining the bads of Pipcoin u should have explained the goods of kipi.. mi mother lost her money on kipi I’ve been try to withdraw funds since December but nothing. .some of us are in these knowing they are a risk and fortunately the risk have been paying of unlike kipi.
I’m not going anywhere will join them all. Mmm,pipcoin. Wealth24seven. Zewang. ..as long as I get the money. So stop waiting your time and hating pipcoin. Join the winning team ??. Be the amongst the first people who invest on it. .I’m sure you not genuinely warning us you pushing your own agenda. Kipi must bring back mi mom .my aunt. My sister and my cousins money. Then you can can start talking bad about other stokvels

Gerry Makhetha

Am sure people are aware of such people like u commenting great but MMM participants are happy with their business .I am sure ur working for the insurance company who ur so well trained
to rob our people n go to invest their money to in rich their self’s that one is legal according our brutal government .So brother keep on commenting that maybe you are paid by so ……call companies or rather come up with something best for our broken nation.Really wake us up not discourage our poor people I myself am one of those MMM so call scam come an join us u won’t believe it .


IT’S A SCAM WE JOINED A 2 months BACK AND IT SAID TO WITHDRAW YOUR MONEY AFTER ONE MONTh we were blocked and kicked out of the site. After sending numerous emails for 60 days no respond. Maybe they will respond to small money investors we invested 50k plus I had 50 clients referrals obviously they lost their money too. Fake be aware it’s a scam there is simply no shortcut to get this much interest rates where the banks only give 11%


I am sorry for your loss Babadud. I hope your comment will convince people who don’t believe my review that pipcoin is a huge scam.


what about kept fund, is it reliable?


Just like Kipi or MMM, kept fund is pyramid scheme. There is no reliable pyramid scheme because all pyramid schemes collapse when they run out of new members, or when the administrator decides to defraud investors.
Investing in a pyramid scheme is form of gambling, the risks are way too high. You are entirely at the mercy of the scheme administrator.

If I had to choose between Kept Funds and pipcoin, I would choose Kept Funds because they seem to be honest about what their pyramid scheme is all about. So there is some hope that the administrator of the system won’t be too greedy, instead he will try to be fair to members.

Whereas in the case of pipcoin, you read and listen to lie after lie. It is pretty obvious that the owners will divert most of the pipcoin community money to their own personal bank accounts. Which explains why Ref Wayne Nkele recently declared himself to be billionaire. People are investing a lot of money into pipcoin, and most of the money end up in his bank accounts.


… First red flag for me came from the website. The participants number went up suspiciously quick.

I refreshed the page and it started again from 3500.

Also looking back at Facebook timelines, there is clear evidence of this Ref guy being a serial lair and misrepresentation of his success.


Lol…true, Ref Wayne Nkele misrepresents himself a lot. He’s like a typical snake oil salesman.

Angry Kipian/Disappointed Mavrodian

Hey buddy. where the fuck did kipi put my 700k??? As far as mmm goes. The global one has been closed. Only the local remains. No more 100 percent


First time seeing an article that is not biased regarding Pipcoin. Great work indeed. I noticed from the onset that Pipcoin is not different from Kipi and other similar stokvels. The fact that people handle the funds, make it very dangerous. I was planning to buy pipcoins for R1000 and I am still going to do it, just to see the legitimacy of this system. And I’ll report back.


Its so funny how one scheme bad mouths another. Kipi has made my aunt struggle a lot, she put in a lot of money and struggled to get it out


You are such a hater and if you go to pipcoinssa.com you will find that the even advertise all other schemes where people can make money. It is fine if they run away with our money but I’m pretty sure that it will just be profits and we would have made enough to better our lives, actually our lives are already getting better from pipcoin. So I think you should drink coffee and relax. We should stop making money from pipcoins and do what exactly? I can’t believe you are encouraging people to stay poor.


This long essay because you are genuinely trying to warn us out of the goodness of your heart.

Thank you!

However I can’t help but notice how you avoid commenting on all comments criticising this Kipi Ponzi Scheme of yours and how quickly you cheer on all comments agreeing with your analyses of Pipcoin. Please kindly respond to the guy who says you scammed his whole family. When are you paying back the money?

I smell a rat!


My target market for this website is people who are new to the world of HYIP’s and Ponzi schemes. I want them to know what they are getting themselves into.

I know that many people get involved with these get rich quick schemes knowing very well that they are pyramid schemes. At one time I was one of those people as well, which is partly why this website was created.

So I am just informing people, I am not trying to convince anyone that what I am writing is correct. As a result I am not prepared to enter into a debate or arguments with people who disagree with my reviews. Everybody is entitled to their own opinion.

If you disagree with my review, I will publish the comment but I am unlikely to engage it unless I am asked a specific question.

I am more concerned about schemes that present themselves as legitimate businesses when they are in fact Ponzi schemes. Pipcoin and Forex Paradise are good examples.

Kipi, MMM, Malwandle, Kept Funds, Achievers, Zewang, Cash Gang, etc… are all examples of schemes that make it clear to people they are not businesses.

They make it clear to people that they are using the money from new members to pay members who joined earlier. But people still willingly join. They join knowing very well that they are donating and not investing.

They join these pyramid schemes despite warnings from government, banks and newspapers that these pyramid schemes are illegal and extremely high risk. So people who lose money in these schemes have no one to blame but themselves because they have been warned.

Kipi is not my Ponzi scheme, it is run from Russia and everybody knows it. Plus Kipi is dead, so there is no need for me to defend it.

As far as I know, no one on this page has accused me of scamming him or his entire family. If you’re talking about Unathi, he said his mom, aunt, sister and cousins lost money to Kipi, not me. They were not scammed, they willingly donated their money to other Kipi members.

Njabulo Blessing Buthelezi

hi can u pls cancelled ds order u sent me on 25-04-2016 to pay for KARABO MAKOKOE cause i made an order on 10-03-2016 nd i receive a msg to pay on 07-04-2016 to.THABANI VINCENT MWANDLA nd i dd pay on 08-04-2016,so now im confused how can i pay for 1 order to different pple??pls help b4 dey blocked me cause i wont pay for second tym nd for da order i ddnt order


Yes you are right it does not make sense to pay for the same order twice. You have to write to pipcoin support for assistance.

But you must make sure that you have uploaded proof of payment to the system on your 08-04-2016 payment, and that the recipient confirmed the receiving the money.

I am not involved with pipcoin so I cannot cancel your order. You have to write to pipcoin support, attach proof of payment and explain your situation. Then ask them to cancel the order.


Guys my DL has a problem now He paid an order now that person who supposed to confirm is not confirming where can I write for support


Hi I have a problem now I can’t log in to my pipcoin system if I log in the system tell me my username and password is wrong I don’t know why please help me I’m very sad now I can’t see my money every thing is stack now


I am not sure how pipcoin support work. But I know that there many pipcoin groups on Facebook. Join some of those groups and ask for assistance there.


@Admin,Ahaha jealousy


Lol….I am not jealous at all. I just want to help save the money of people who have bothered to do a little research and are new to the Ponzi scheme industry.

Bao Jo

I saw Ref Wayne in his tricked out Range Rover at McDs.

How many pipcoins does a bigmac cost eh Wayne?


I really dnt thnk dt Pipcoin is a scam…i min we knw de founder,even wher he lives… he is evn appearing on tvs, he applauded by SA richest guy Patrice Motsepe wth his great wrk, so it cn be dangerous for him to spread lies to ppl as dey can evn do anythn to him.


If it’s not a scam what is it then? Is it just a pyramid scheme? Remember that when he launched it in Durban he said pipcoin was the first African crypto currency?

But if you say people like Patrice Motsepe are endorsing him for his great work, then maybe some of us who doubt his business are actually wrong.

Wayne is obviously very intelligent and has made a lot of money even before starting pipcoin. Maybe some of us are just plain dumb, we don’t understand how crypto currencies work.

I agree it does not make sense to be going to television talking to rich and famous people while running a Ponzi scheme on the side because things will backfire. People who run scams generally hide their identities.

So maybe you’re right. Maybe Wayne’s pipcoin business is real and all people who invest in it will become very rich when the pipcoin price skyrockets. But only time will tell as we all know that Ponzi schemes have a short life span.

Personally, I won’t invest any of my money in pipcoin. But I hope those who choose to invest in pipcoin because they have seen Wayne on TV and mingling with celebrities won’t lose their funds.

Uneducated intellect

I have not invested anything on any of the mentioned Ponzi schemes or pyramid schemes. What I have noticed is that South Africans are suckers for all these scammers and fraudsters. as to why, I do not know why they constantly put their hopes on get rich quick schemes. We SAns, especially we blacks, we are a lazy bunch, we are so lazy that we can not even for a second try to think. And we are gullible. I would rather eat trash for the rest of my life rather than taking my money and blindly hope it will grow like magic beans. As for pipicoin and MMM and others, that train can and will gladly pass me by


    Could not agree with you more. Some of our brothers and sisters do not want to learn that pyramid and Ponzi schemes are dangerous. There are many SA pyramid schemes that have failed in the last six months, including KIPI, MMM, Malwandle etc… but it seems as if people are not willing to learn.


I am presently standing at a stall,NASREC Jhb. It is called pipcoin investments. There are a lot of people queing up. I hope they understand that they are going to lose out at the end of the day. It is scary how they advertise by using mindcontrol on the people.


    So true Chris, Ref Wayne and his team are masters of mind control, group psychology and guerrilla marketing. It means they are now even targeting people who are not computer literate as well.


Dear Admin

Point of correction: Pipcoin is a digital currency for now, it will be moving to full cryptocurrency in 26 days from now.

Thank you.


I use the terms interchangeably because the pipcoin website and promotional videos are doing the same. They sometimes refer to pipcoin as a digital currency, sometimes as a crypto currency, whereas at other times they refer to it as a digital crypto currency.

So I suggest you go correct your website and promotional videos first before trying to correct my website.

In any case, it does not matter what you call it, the fact is that pipcoin is not real, it is a fake currency.

So you are telling us that 26 days from now pipcoin will upgrade from fake digital currency to fake full crypto currency. Interesting.

For pipcoin to still be around in 26 days, you are going to have to work hard in recruiting new members. So stop wasting time trying to correct other people’s errors and get to work promoting you’re your scam.


‘So stop wasting time trying to correct other people’s errors’ You do agree that its an error after all. Why are you so offended by the way? Am curious…


    Lol… I am not offended at all.
    In fact I am laughing hard right now at I type this comment… Your comment is making me laugh.
    Anyway, even if I made an error, it does not change the fact that Ref Wayne and his friends are scamming the pipcoin community.

    Unlike in MMM where most funds go back to participants, in pipcoin most funds are being deposited into business accounts of Ref Wayne and his friends.
    Yes I am laughing but I feel sorry for you if you’re not in Ref Wayne’s inner circle.


bout cryto currency u can b telling the truth bt what I knw is that the system is being upgraded to match the requirements of crypto currency and even developing pipcoin Bloch chain,I don’t think pip coin is a scam I hv 3 different cell no of wayne if you hv a problm you call him and he assist,i do believe wayne in him this is a calling remember he dropped outbin grade 9 he had his first millions in 2009 when he was 17 years old m by then he was already teaching how to trade,3 weeks back he met with the founder of facebool,they are in a process of opening pipcoin offices in USA,politicians wants his idea his being given a platform to engage with them people like motsepe respect the guy,the day before yesterday he bought a private jet,he gave ppl two houses in a period of two days,last week he gave away 10 houses n 10 cars right now his funding businesses for upcoming entrepreneur, this morning catch him live in morning live 7;30 .n by the way the guy is a multi billionaire


The track record of Ref you have outlined above is impressive. No wonder so many people believe in him; he is a go-getter and became a millionaire at a very young age.

Congratulations to your leader for buying a private jet and for giving away cars and houses to poor people.

Sorry I saw your comment late, otherwise I would have watched his interview on eTV this morning.
I listened to one of his radio interviews sometime back. The interview was very impressive.

So he is not just working with local businessmen and politicians, he has also met Mark Zuckerberg? And Mark is going to help start pipcoin in the US, interesting. The boy is going places.

Look, since you are so passionate about pipcoin and your leader, and with the interest shown by local businessmen and Mark Zuckerberg, maybe pipcoin will be a real crypto currency as you say.

So I guess we must just wait and see what happens after 10 days. If I see evidence that pipcoin has become a real crypto currency, I will consider changing my pipcoin review.

Vicky Burg

Hi I I’m in a hurry for some cash and would like to sell 1 pipcoin over paypal for the discointed price of $20, please contact me if anyone interested at ecComputing@live.com fast and instant wallet to wallet and paypal to paypal transfers

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