Rapid Income Review – Invests Once and Earn High Interest Forever

September 9, 2016
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What is Rapid Income Ltd?

How would you feel if your investment company promised to pay you 2.5% daily interest on your investment forever? Well, that’s exactly what Rapid Income Ltd is promising to do.

You only have invest an amount starting from $20 to a maximum amount of $200 000. You can expect to generate a profit of 75% per month.

Rapid Income Ltd is an HYIP website that has been open for business for about a month at the time writing this review. Rapid Income Ltd claims that it is the first BTC arbitrage and cloud mining auto manager.

It’s kind of hard to understand what it is exactly that the company does to generate such high profits. However, my interpretation of the confusing jargon they use tells me that the website specialises in trading bitcoin and investing in cloud mining.

Rapid Income Payment Plan

Rapid income Ltd claims to have developed Al Trading Robot that enables the company to maximise huge profits from Forex Trading. The  actual monthy profits vary, but the company has made a decision to pay investors a consistent 2,5% interest per day irrespective of how much is invested.


The minimum investment amount required is $20.00, the maximum allowed is $200 000. For example, if you invest $1000, then you can expect a daily payment of $25.00 per day.

The money will be paid into your rapid income account. It will be up to decide when you want to withdraw the balance in your account. The beauty about this program is that you can withdraw your principal investment anytime.

Principal Investment

Daily Profit

Monthly Profit

$1 000.00



$2 000.00


$1 500.00

$5 000.00


$3 750.00

$15 000.00


$11 250.00

$30 000.00


$22 500.00

$120  000.00

$3 000.00

$90 000.00

As indicated earlier, you will be paid 2.5% daily interest forever as long as you have not withdrawn your principal investment amount.

Is Rapid Income a Legitimate Business?

rapid income business certificate

Looking at the domain name whois information, it shows that the domain name was registered on the 22nd of May 2016. This date is very close to the companys registration date as per the certificate on the website.

According to its business certificate, the company had been around for less than 4 months at the time of publishing the review.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t think it is wise to hand over your money to a new investment company that does not have any track records whatsoever.

Moreover, we don’t really know if their business certificate is real or not. But even the certificate is real, it really does not mean anything as it is easy for HYIP administrators to registers companies with false information.

The website has given us the CEO name, but we have no way of verifying if it is a real person's name as the CEO photo is not provided. We don't even know who are the directors and management team of the company. Based on these factors alone, there's already a big doubt about the legitimacy of this company.

The website claims to accepts many types of payments, including direct bank wire transfers. However, once you login into your account and try to load funds, it turns out only 3 payment types are accepted: Perfect Money, Payeer and Bitcoin.

Therefore, the website is misleading  people by claiming it accepts many types of payments. Even more worrying, is the fact that Perfect Money, Payeer and Bitcoin are favoured by con artists who operate Ponzi scheme websites. You may ask. but why Ponzi scheme operators like these payment types? It is because these cannot

rapid income accepted payment

Then there’s the issue of "too good to be true" returns. The rate of investment return translates to an effective 75% profit per month. No sane company in the world would pay such high returns to a bunch of strangers.

If they could generate this much return, they would have probably borrowed money from a bank so they could keep all the profits for themselves and pay small interest to the bank. It is clear that the only reason the website owners wants investors money is to keep it for themselves.

Finally, I could have saved a lot of time and made the decision on whether this business is legit or not based on one fact; it is listed on HYIP monitors' websites. Every business listed in an HYIP monitor website is a Ponzi scheme or scam, and therefor not a legit business.

Can You Make Money with Rapid Income?

The answer is yes, you can make money with Rapid Income even though it is a Ponzi scheme, but only if you become lucky.

HYIPs monitors indicate that Rapid Income has been in business for 35 days at the time of publishing this review. Most HYIPs have a very short life span, from a few days to several weeks.

Of course, there are exceptions to the rule. Some HYIP schemes can be sustained for as long as up to 6 months, sometime eve more.

If Rapid Income will be around for up to 6 months, then there’s a chance that you will make money if you invest early.

forex-paradise ponzi scheme

Forex Paradise is a good example of a HYIP Ponzi scheme that has been operating a long time now (over a year).

As a result many people think that it is a legitimate business. When in fact what is happening is that it is growing extremely fast, generating more than enough funds to pay earlier investors.

The only reason Forex Paradise is still operating is because  its administrators think that they can amass even more money from their gullible investors.

So, if Rapid Income stick around as long Forex Paradise, you will have a chance of making a quick buck. You must just remember that HYIP's are operated by scam artists, so they tend to pay out selectively depending on the amount invested.

If you invest a substantial amount (say $1000 or more), there’s good chance that you won't get paid.

In Conclusion

Based on the following reasons, I have concluded that Rapid Income is a scam:

  • Lack of information about the companies directors and management team or staff
  • The investment rate of return sound too good to be true.
  • Misleading information about accepting bank wire transfer cash.
  • Using anonymous payment systems: Perfect Money, Payeer and Bitcoin.
  • Listings in many HYIP monitoring websites.

Some people might say but Rapid Income is paying, so it is not a scam. Well many investors (victims) were saying the same about Hashocean, CLD Mine, and Coince until the websites shutdown, disappearing with millions in investors' money in the process.

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