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Authority Hacker Pro

Price: Once off $700

Are you completely new to the internet industry? Or do you have a website but struggling to make it profitable? Then become part of the Authority Hacker Pro family.

Authority Hacker Pro is an online marketing training program operated by 2 young and successful internet entrepreuners.

It will show you how to build and grow profitable online businesses that help people find solutions to their problems.

A once-off investment of $700 will give you access to their structured training program, support and coaching. If within 30 days of registering you are not entirely satisfied with course material or coaching, you will be refunded. No questions asked.

However,registration is currently closed. The training to the program is opened to the public for registration 3 to 4 times a year.

But you can join the earlybird waiting list by entering your email address at Authority Hacker Pro registration page.

If you are prepared to work harder than you have ever done before, then join Authority Hacker Pro. With its help, you will have a profitable online business within a year.

eToro Copy Trading

Minimum Deposit: $100

eToro is a Social Trading website; meaning it is the Facebook of Forex Trading. If you want to profit from forex trading without any knowledge or trading experience, then eToro Social Trading will be perfect for you.

eToro enables clients to automatically copy trades of its top forex traders in real time. Clients are also able to communicate with traders and discusss their trading strategies.

Learn more about eToro Copy Trading.

My Paying Crypto Ads

Adpack Price: 0.05 btc

My Paying Crypto Ads is an advertising and profit sharing program. Essentially, the program sells advertising space for people to advertise their online businesses.

Now, members have a choice to either buy advertising services only, or buy advertising packs for advert viewing and profit sharing if they don’t have a business to promote.

As it turns out, most members opt to do both. They use the service to promote their businesses and, at the same time, participate in clicking adverts and profit sharing.

The program accepts bitcoins only. To get started, you have to buy at least one adpack at a cost of 0.01 btc. Within 2 months, your adpack will be rewarded with 20% profit, meaning it will be worth a lot more when it expires. My  Paying Crypto Ads members are creaming it with this passive income opportunity. Which is why the right time to join this type of opportunity is not tomorrow, the right time to join is now. For more information, go to a more detailed review about My Paying Crypto Ads.

Thrive Themes Membership

Pricing: $19 per month or $228 per annum

If you are a website owner, or plan to acquire one, then Thrive Themes annual membership is highly recommended. The membership provides you with access to the following:

  • Beautiful Thrive Themes designed to meet your online business requirements and help turn your website visitors into paying customers with its conversion focused themes.
  • A WordPress visual editor called Thrive Content Builder for creating blog posts and Landing Pages with ease. With the drag and drop functionality, you will enjoy writing your blog post and creating landing pages with built-in templates.
  • Thrive Leads is for building and email list with ease using multiple tools provided by Thrive Leads. The plugin is conversion focus with the sole aim of turning targeted leads into paying customers.
  • There's many more tools for turning your website into a sales machine that you will receive, including Headline Optimizer and Thrive Ultimatum.


Price: Free

To start a website, you need a web publishing software or platform you can use to build your website and manage its content with your web browser.

There are some platforms to choose from, including WordPress, Wix, Joomla, Drupai and others. happens to be the most flexible, popular and widely supported platform.

Moreover, it is free and you completely own the site. But you do have to pay for a webhosting service such as HostingWithLove.


Price: start from $6.oo per domain name

As the name suggests, Namescheap is one of the most competitive domain name suppliers in the industry. A ‘Domain Name’ generally describes a business and is used as the address to a website.

Nameschep domain names often come as a package, offering Whois Guard services free of charge. I use Namecheap for domain registration and I highly recommend you do the same.


Cost: $3.90 per month for 2 websites

Once you have bought a domain name, you will need a web hosting provider to enable your website to be viewed on the internet.

I recommend HostWithLove website hosting services. The company offers professional website hosting services for both new website owners and experienced owners with high traffic at reasonable prices.

This is one of the best performing web hosting service providers with excellent support and little downtime. Its web hosting costs start at $3.90 per month for hosting 2 websites.