Take 100% Responsibility For Your Actions in Joining a Pyramid Scheme

The world we live in is full of temptations that want to mesmerize you into thinking that giving into them will bring to you all the abundance in the world.

Money and happiness are things that we all want, but there are infinite possibilities in getting them, however, not all of them truly work for us.

Ponzi or pyramid schemes and gambling are definitely amongst the means that don’t actually work in the long run because in most cases they will make you more poor and miserable than rich and abundant.

Statistics show that people rather lose money in gambling and pyramid schemes than make fortunes, and if you are amongst those people who want a quick fix to their finances through pyramid schemes and already have lost a lot of money, you should take 100% responsibility for your actions in joining pyramid schemes.

What You Resist Persists

The first question that arises is why do you want to get rich through Ponzi or pyramid schemes. Pyramid and Ponzi schemes are fraudulent and illegal because the majority of people who invest in them lose their investment.

When you want to become rich by hook or crook, the message you convey to the universe is that actually you believe you are poor.

It’s this resistance to being poor, this lack of acceptance of your current financial situation that will eventually lead you to get into pyramid schemes or other means of getting rich fast.

But is it worth it?

The law of attraction works this way. Whatever you say about yourself, the universe responds to with a big “yes”, and will respond to you with life circumstances that match your beliefs about yourself. It’s high time to ponder about what you believe to be true about yourself that has led you to pyramid schemes and other dangerous similar resorts that don’t work in the long run.

Create the Life You Want to Live

Now that you know how the universe works, and you’re conscious and aware of it, it’s time to take full responsibility in the life you create.

There’s no one else in the world to blame for your current situation, because whatever situation you are in, you have created or attracted it, consciously or unconsciously.

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The first step to taking responsibility in your life is to become a conscious creator! What you believe to be true about yourself becomes your reality, so pay attention to the thoughts that you keep thinking about yourself and your life.

When you start to observe your inner thinking process and the flow of your thoughts, you’ve taken the first step in becoming a conscious creator. Once you understand that you are not your thoughts and that these thoughts don’t define you, you take control over your life by re-choosing what you believe to be true about yourself, and thus creating a brand new reality, the reality that you prefer.

Your Life is 100% Your Responsibility!

There’s no one but yourself to blame for your life choices, either conscious or unconscious, so it’s time to stop blaming everyone else but yourself for your misfortunes.

And believe me, gambling, stocks or Ponzi schemes are not get rich quick fixes although they present themselves to be that, but highly dangerous addictions that in the end put you in a worse situation than before.

People have lost their homes, relations and everything they had because of get rich quick schemes, because they believed this was the solution to their financial problems, while in fact they became the source of their troubles.

If you have lost money in a pyramid or Ponzi scheme, don’t blame your friend or family member who introduced you to the scheme.

Do not even blame the scheme’s promoter or administrator because they never put a gun to your head and said invest in this scheme. You were likely driven by greed or desperation.

You must take 100% responsibility for your decisions, don’t blame others. When you blame others, you disempower yourself and give up your power to grow.

It’s your choice and only yours to turn around and make a life changing decision for the better to give up on these dangers and start living the life that you want.

All pain and suffering is resistance to the natural self, so if you’re not happy with your life, this means your life was not supposed to be this way. It’s in your power to change it!

The Real Path to Abundance

It’s time to get up, shake it off and move on towards the life that you deserve, the life you were meant to live on this earth.

Understand that all your misfortune was due to some poor choices you made in the past, but the past is gone now, the future is never actually here, and all you have is this eternal present moment. The only time that exists is NOW, the time when you remember who you are, become who you prefer to be and live the ultimate life experience of your choice.

It’s your choice and your responsibility to make it!

The real path of abundance is following your passion, living consciously and presently, taking responsibility for who you are and whenever the case, making a responsible change to become a better you.

It’s in your power to set yourself free from all the pain and suffering you’ve been through by taking responsibility for your own life and creating a new life, a new you, new beginnings.

You are worth it, you are enough!

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