What is MMM Global

If you want know what MMM Global is all about, then you have come to the right place. Let me start off by stating that I am very skeptical when it comes to get rich quick schemes such as Ponzi or Pyramid schemes. My skepticism and the fact that I have been a member of MMM Global since July 2015 puts in a position to give a balanced view to the question: What is MMM Global.

What MMM is Not

I would like to start by stating what MMM Global is not before I explain what it is.

· MMM is not a bank,

· MMM does not collect your money,

· MMM is not an online business,

· MMM is not an HYIP (High Yielding Investment Program)

· MMM is not an investment or investment program

· MMM is not a Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM) Program..

What is MMM Global

MMM is a global helping plan. It is a community where people come together and help each other through a social financial platform provided by its founder Sergy Mavrodi. The name of this financial platform is MMM Global. MMM Global connects millions of participants across the world and enables them to provide and receive financial help from other.

So MMM Global is not a company, it is a community organisation designed to help people improve their financial conditions.

It is designed to fight the current financial system run by big institutions that are controlled by very few individuals.

MMM Global was started in Russia in 2011. Since then it has spread to over 100 countries across the world. At the time of publishing this review, MMM Global had over 35 million participants worldwide.

How does MMM Global work

The operation of MMM Global is simple and straight forward. Participants help each other by sending money to those who need it the most, but after sometime the money is returned with high interest of 30% per month. MMM Global connects the one who wants to donate money with the one who wants to get money. The social network does not keep any community funds, participants transfer money directly to each other.

For example, to get started, you would create an account in the system and pledge to provide help of say $1000. The system will connect you with a person who is looking for help of $1000 and avail his banking account details to you.

You will take the next step and transfer $1 000 to the allocated person. After transferring the money, you will be required to upload proof of payment and confirm that you have transferred the funds in your back office provided by the system.

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The person who requested help will confirm in his back office upon receiving funds in his/her bank account. Upon confirmation, the system will award you the MMM Global currency units called Mavros. One mavro is equivalent to one USD. So you will be awarded 1000 mavros in your back office. These mavros will be compounded with interest and grow at a rate of 30% per month. So in a month’s time you will have 1300 mavros. if you decide to get help and withdraw the 1300 mavros, the system will select another participant to deposit $1300 into your bank account.

How to Join MMM Global

To join MMM, follow our team sponsor link – MMM Global – which will take you to the official MMM Global website. Select the ‘registration’ tab at the top and complete the process by filling in registration form. Provide and type the requested information below.

· name and surmane,

· email address,

· mobile number,

· Password

· Skype name if you have one

· Your invite code (feel free to use 'GetRichQuick')

Read and agree to their terms and condition, then click the ‘Register in MMM’ button to create your MMM Global account.

Inside your MMM Global account, click the ‘Account’ tab on the menu and add your bank account details or Bitcoin wallet address, or both.

How to contribute funds to MMM Global

To start participating in MMM, go the main menu and click ‘Dashboard’. Two big buttons for providing help and getting help will appear.

To contribute help to other participants, click the green ‘Provide Help’ button and type the amount you of money you want to contribute. The minimum contribution amount is R 100. After confirming the contribution, you will be allocated Mavros equivalent to the amount you have contributed. Your Mavros will start earning interest immediately.

After sometime you will get an order with bank details where you should deposit funds. You should send the funds to the identified person with the specified hours. After sending the funds and attaching proof of payment, you will mark as sent and the recipient will confirm receipts for funds.

How to withdraw funds from MMM

You can withdraw funds from MMM Global at any time provided the color of your Mavros is Green. Before withdrawing, check how much money you have available for withdrawal. On the main menu, click ‘Mavrol’, then click ‘available for withdrawal tab on your top left.

The system will show you the amount of money you have available for withdrawal. To withdraw go back to the ‘Dashboard’ and click the “Get Help” button. Follow the instructions as they appear and type in the amount of money you want to withdraw. Shortly after withdrawing, orders of people who should deposit funds into your account will appear in your back office. As soon as you receive funds in your account, log into your account and confirm that you have received the funds.

Is MMM a Ponzi or a Pyramid Scheme

No, MMM is not a ponzi or a pyramid scheme. Pyramid or Ponzi schemes take cash from people, and then just pay a few people and keep the rest of the money. In Pyramid or Ponzi schemes, the first few top investors are usually the ones who benefit.

It’s not like that in MMM Global, the organisation does not keep the money. Moreover, anybody can receive help any time after they have provided help. It is up to an individual whether to wait for 2 weeks, 4 weeks, or 3 months, or even a year before asking for help. There is no hierarchy in this scheme, every participant is equal.

MMM is perfectly Legal

MMM Global is legal and does not break any laws because there are only money transfers between private persons and nothing more. Moreover, people transfer money to each other without any conditions, guarantees and promises.

MMM Golden Rules

To keep the operation running smoothly and to make sure that member act in the best interest of the community, the following rules must observed.

MMM Rules
Rule 1: Do not have multiple accounts.
Penalty: all accounts will be permanently blocked, you will be banned.

Rule 2: Do not share email or bank details with other members
Penalty: you will all be blocked from getting help until you give identity proof

Rules 3: Do not delay in paying for your order,
Penalty: you will be blocked

Rule 4: Do not edit your banking details or change password less than 15 days before getting help

Penalty: Your GH will be delayed for 14 days

Rule 5: Do not click on the "I refuse to make payment" button for more than once a month
Penalty: You will be blocked

Rule 6: Do not make deposit and fail to attach proof of payment
Penalty: You will be blocked

Rule 7: Do not fail to confirm your payment

Penalty: You will be blocked

Final Thoughts on MMM Global

MMM Global is a legitimate way to make money. Everybody knows where they stand, there is no secrets or deception. As long as the community grows, you will make money. Once the community stops growing, no one will make money.

As with most honest pyramid schemes such as MMM, people who benefit the most are those who joined earlier (2015 in the case of MMM). If you’ve heard about MMM recently (2016) and decide to donate to others, you should lower the expectations of receiving help from others as the risk of losing your money increases exponentially with the passing of time.

Therefore, before joining MMM ensure that you read all the warnings and disclaimers. The risk of losing your money is there and is high, so it is advisable to participate with spare money, or money you can afford to lose.

Update: It seems as if MMM RSA is dead. Too many people cannot withdraw because their mavros have been frozen.

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Nomonde nkabinde

I need to knw if you are not in any wrong and support is not answering what do u do


You must seek assistance from your guide and manager. Try contracting them by phone, sms and emai until you find them. But you must be aware that MMM support get a lot queries, so sometimes they can take weeks to respond. You should join MMM Global South Africa facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/746932452090878/ and seek help over there as well.

Mandla Radebe

Is MMM global 100% per month easy to join like MMMRSA 30% per month?.


Yes it easy to join MMM Global Extra. Just follow the ‘Sign Up Now’ link about and it will take you straight to MMM Global Extra 100%. If you join under this link above, I will guide you in terms of how to perform your daily tasks.
But remember that multiple accounts are not allowed in MMM. So if you’re already a MMM participant, you should open a MMM Extra account with different/new email address, bitcoin wallet address and phone number. To be safe, you should withdraw all funds in your old account and request the CRO to close it and never use it again.


what is mmm universe is it legit ?does it come from mavrodi aswell?


It is for the first time I hear about MMM Universe. I checked out their website and it looks the same as Mavrodi’s MMMExtra. However, if it was Mavrodi’s MMM, he was gonna do the announcement himself. So the site is not legit, it is just another MMM copy cat trying to scam people.


I refused to make a payment and the system blocked me yet it was my first time making the refusal


Yes, sometimes you get blocked for refusing to pay because some people abuse the functionality. Unfortunately, you have to write CRO and provide reasons why you refused to pay. Then ask the CRO to unblock your account. Your manager should be assisting you as well to speed up the process.

Siyabonga Ngidi

I joined mmm on January 5, provided help of R1000.My account was confirmed on the 25 of January…that was four weeks. Then again on the 8th of February I wanted to provide help of R1500… in my mind I thought four weeks waiting period…I became so shocked that it now 15 days! Now my account is blocked! What can I do?? Please help me.


Your mistake was not checking your MMM account daily. In future you should check your account at least once every 2 days.

Unblocking an account takes time. It can take a few weeks, sometime even months. If you’re lucky, it can take just days. But I don’t think you will your money.

To get unblocked, you must write to support and explain why you failed to pay on time. Your comment explains reasons very well. So you can copy and paste it to support. Also add that you did know you had to check your account daily. Ask your guide or manager to assist you with follow ups and hope for the best.

While waiting for your RSA account to be unblocked, you can join MMM Extra by following the link above. Just make sure that you use a different cell number and email address, and if possible, a different device to log in.

Gv biz

Hi. My name gv biz. I wrongly entered email add in my page details. I have done ph n gh but couldn’t receive any notification in email. I checked manually from PO. I already create ticket in support they reply cnt change the email bse I have done ph. So what is next step. should I continue with this account or any other option to change the email. It suppose to be gv_biz@yahoo.com.my. I wrongly enterd gv_biz@yahoo.com. Hope a fast recovery method because im planning to ph soon. tq


If you still have money or mavros in your account, you must withdraw all your money as soon as possible. Then write to support asking them to close your account and give reasons.

If they close your account, cool, then create a new account with the correct email address. And start providing help. I recommend creating a new account in MMM Extra as it pays more than MMM RSA. Make sure you use a new or different cell number for your new MMM extra account.

If, they don’t close your account, then you have no choice but to create a new MMM Extra account with your preferred email address and using a new cell numbers.

gv biz

Thanks for the feedback. Another question please. after I close the account, can I open the new acc with preferred email add n same bitcoin account?


Yes you can open with the preferred email. But you must use a different bitcoin wallet address. If you have an account with Xapo or Localbitcoins, you will be able to create different bitcoin wallet addresses from the same account.

gv biz

I open with blockchain. is that possible to create new wallet in blockchain


I have never used a blockchain wallet or account. So I don’t really know how it works. But I know it is possible to have multiple wallet addresses in a single blockchain account as well. So you’re just gonna have to look for info in Google. It might be easier to open an account with Xapo and use their wallet.


I would like to join MMM Extra but I already have an account at MMM RSA but I really never participated. would you assist me in cancelling the old account and registering IN MMM extra.

I registered on line so I really do no know my manger or have their contact details.


I know people who tried cancelling their MMM RSA account to join MMM Extra, but their requests were denied. So just forget about your old MMM RSA account and create a new one with MMM Extra. Just follow the “Join MMM Extra” link above and select “Registration”.

You have to use cell numbers and email address that’s different from your MMM RSA account. The invite name should be ‘getrichquick’. Leave the following fields blank: Guider’s email and guider’s phone number.

Once you have registered I will contact you through the cell number or email address you have used to register so I can provide further assistance.


What is happening to mmmextra withdrawals are taking up to 10days to be allowed a member to provide help to you


“Many members accounts have been hacked by hackers, we have seen many phishing emails in our inbox by the members who tried to hack accounts, unfortunatly some members account have been hacked.so if the system is in Auto Mode, then it will be easy for hackers to take the money out from all the hacked accounts. So CRO’s have decided to dispatch GH links after checling each account manually.As you all know this system is being used by millions of people,so it takes time to dispatch all the GH links manually.The IT team is trying hard to bring back the hacked accounts to normal position, once they’re done,dispatching GH requests will speed up and everything will set right soon smile
Keep promoting MMM meanwhile,and Do not stop PH.”


I hope this problem solve as soon possible of gh , foe people back to trust and ph like before,
And i have one question what different between mmm rsa & extra ?
Thank you


The order came as bitcoin instead of other bank and i dont have bitcoin wallet .im unable to reach either of my guider non of them availabe please assist

My account is blocked and is for the second time with the diffrent issues what can i do


You have to write to support and explain what happened. I think you probably created bitcoin PH by mistake.
Write to support and explain that you created a bitcoin provide help order by mistake.

Explain that you don’t understand bitcoins and do not know how to use them. Explain that you could not get hold of your guider or manager to assist you, as a result you got blocked. Then ask them to unblock you.

I honestly don’t know how long it take to get unblock. But your manager can speed up things. So try by all means to contact him by phone, sms or email.

Next time when you create a provide help order, make sure you don’t select the bitcoin option.

ntombifuthi dube

Does the money you deposit straight to the person you giving or you write MMM at the refference?


Yes, the money goes straight to the recipient. It does not go to MMM.


Hi I provided help on the 2303/16 and I waited until the 06/04/16 to be defrost.BT I am surprise until today I can’t request help because it is still frozen.my guider don’t answer my calls anymore and I don’t know my manager


I was blocked on MMM global because there was a powercut on my side before confirmation by receiver when I did GH ,now I want to open a MMM extra but isn’t to earn that 100% u have to do “tasks”,I m not sure what ithey are may you clarify pleaseplease,coz I still hvnt been blocked @ MMM global


@Kedi – You’re not the only one who has that problem. I saw many people complaining about the same issue. I doubt if your manager or guider will be able to help you. The best you can do is wait and hope your mavros will turn green soon. Keep in mind that you were just providing help, and not investing. So there’s no guarantee that you will get your money back.


@Bee – MMM Extra has been shut down. So you won’t be able to join it. MMM RSA is still operational.


So if I hve been not getting help whre do I send ma Identity so I can be unblocked from not getting help?


So whre do we leave our Identity documents for unbloking to get help?


If you have been blocked, you must write to support and request to be unblocked. You only send an ID if you have been requested to do so by support. If you have been requested to send an ID, I think you should be able to load it on your support ticket as a picture file.. Just take a picture of your ID and load it as a jpg or png file. Ask your guider of manager to assist you. If they’re are not available, then you should join one of many MMM South Africa Facebook groups and ask for assistance there.


Just want to know if I requested help and the mmm member assigned to pay does not pay me , will my account also be blocked or is it just the member who does not pay that account get blocked


The member who failed to pay you will be blocked and you will be allotted another member to provide help.


Hello admin please help. I could not provide help because I was in hospital since I survived a car accident.I refused to provide help and stated my reason to the support. My account was then blocked automatically.Now I am fine and can provide help.My account is still blocked.so what steps do I take now,and will my account ever be unblocked?


Hello admin please help. I could not provide help because I was in hospital since I survived a car accident.I refused to provide help and stated my reason to the support. My account was then blocked automatically.Now I am fine and can provide help.My account is still blocked.so what steps do I take now,and will my account ever be unblocked?


Write to support and ask them to unblock your account. Explain that you were not able to pay because you were sick in hospital. They will unblock it but it will take time.


hi – I believe that the info you have provided re MMM is deceptive. I doubt you are aware of what is happening. People are currently getting paid and a lot are re-donating. Please before you post some of the hogwash you have posted here, do a little research and speak to MMM members who are actually active in the system. Thank you.


Which part of my info is deceptive Mandy? That majority of MMM participants cannot withdraw because their mavros have been frozen?

Just because members are re-donating some change money (R 500, R 3000, R 5000) into the system does not mean that the mavros for the majority are available for withdrawl.
People whose mavros have been frozen donated huge amounts (R 20 000, R 30 000, R R 50 000). Do you think the small change re-donations by current members will cover the backlog? Of course it won’t cover it.

Perhaps what’s deceptive about my post is that MMM RSA is dead. It is not dead, it is alive but has turned into a scam because it is giving participants false hope. Hope that within six months all old mavros will be available for withdrawal.

Until you tell me that MMM RSA is back to the way it was about 7 months when everybody was happy and getting paid, I won’t change anything.


This is to officially announce to all MMM members in Nigeria that we are currently updating our website for 50% upgrade. We are sorry for the inconveniences. To process or to retrieve your funds kindly contact Mr Michael Jeffery for more information call MMM help center with the following number +2349055708106 or email: nigeriammmagent@gmail.com

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